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Why do my migraines bring dizziness and pain in my teeth?

Asked by Supergirl (1686points) March 3rd, 2008
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It’s possible you have a problem with your teeth.

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It could be your perfume giving you the headaches!

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The pain in your teeth might be that you gnashing, grinding them….Try a mouth guard, available at most drug stores for about 5 bucks. Trim it with scissors, put in hot water to form. Sleep with it in at night…

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visit the dentist it could be dental problems hate to say it. I had severe migraines before ended up being a dental problem. Go see a dentist won’t cost much if u have insurance

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I agree with the dental recommendation. Many people with pain issues clench or grind their teeth. Also, if you have problems with the temperomandibular joint (TMJ) it can exacerbate headaches and ear issues.

As for the dizziness, it is a fairly common migraine aura, most commonly in the form of motion sickness. If you haven’t already, I’d recommend also consulting an otologist to rule-out inner ear dysfunction as contributing to your symptoms.

I’m an Audiologist… feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions.

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After following my TMJ treatment for several months, I can say that I have experienced a very significant reduction in the number of migraines I have had. I used to get them at least once a month, and sometimes much more. I’ve had only one since starting treatment. See a neuromuscular dentist.

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Migraines can cause a lot of weird side effects. My Aunt always threw up with hers & she’d get so dizzy that she couldn’t stand up. Hers would last 3–4 days then disappear for 3–4 days then return for 3–4 days then go away for a month or two only to start over again. I’m only assuming here; but, I assume from the pain that comes with them that they can irritate the facial nerves especially those in the cheek area which the nerve will run down to your teeth causing it to feel like a tooth ache. I know I have a lot of sinus problems & that’s what my doctor explained to me so I’m thinking that your problem is similar. So, IF your teeth only hurt when you’re in the midst of a Migraine attack, that might be the problem. IF they hurt any other time, you might want to see your dentist.

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