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how do I get my contacts from treo to new iPhone?

Asked by Arick (27points) March 3rd, 2008 from iPhone

My dad just got an iPhone. He needs his 100+ contacts imported into the new iPhone. I have backed up his treo contacts using palm desktop but can’t find a way to get them onto iPhone.

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I had to manually do mine. I don’t know of any way to convert from the palm desktop software to outlook.

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I had to manually do mine also. All of my contacts still did not transfer over. I walk around with my Treo as a PDA with my iPhone also.

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man that’s not cool. Going from my blackberry to iPhone was a snap. I’ll tell him the bad news, thanks.

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On a mac, you could use the hotsync conduit with iSync to get the Palm data into Address Book. Then from Address Book to iPhone should be a breeze.
On the PC side of things, I’m sure there is a way. If needed, the data can be exported to vCards. In what type of file is the backup stored?

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You can pay the AT&T store $15 to do it for you using some special flash drive.

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you can purchase microsoft outlook. Then transfer your contacts to outlook on your computer from your treo . Then you can transfer them from your computer to your iPhone.

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And finally, if you want to do this for free, you could download this program from “installer” called iSim. This will let you transfer your numbers from the sim to your iphone. There are 2 choices, either transfer one contact at a time and thats free, or all at once i think that cost you about $10—$15..good luck

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