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Ipod Sync with Unbuntu 9.1?

Asked by Kiev749 (2092points) February 12th, 2010

I recently installed unbuntu 9.1 on my laptop but i can’t seem to get my ipod to play correctly off of it. There isnt an itunes version out for it yet, so how can i get it to copy the music off of my ipod onto the hard drive? (Classic gen 5 or a 1st gen mini)

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9.10 you mean, I suppose? ;-)

Anyway, you will want to install the application gtkpod (from Applications->Ubuntu Software Store). Alternatively, I believe the media player “Banshee” also allows adding and removing music from your iPod.

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Haha yes. 9.10. I tried using banshee, and it copied the music fine buy upon playback, it came up with an error about gsessions…?
I will install gtkpod when I get back home. Thanks!

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Sounds like a bug in Banshee – does it work when playing it on your iPod? Note that gtkpod can’t do playback – but you can just use Rhythmbox (the default music player) for that.

You could try the newest version of Banshee to see if your bug has been fixed.

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