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best anime film/series

Asked by allen_o (1485points) March 3rd, 2008 from iPhone

film – ghost in the shell 2
series – cowboy bebop

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angels egg and dragon ball Z

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Film: hoshi no koe

But the best series of 2007 imo was Death Note. Best ever was fruits basket! =3

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have you ever seem Mamaru oshii early work? What do you think of makato shinkai?

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omg you just made me remember how much I love 5cm per second! Forget hoshi no koe, lol

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btw, did you know there’s a hack to enable kana/kanji keyboard on the iPhone? I did it once, but couldn’t get it to stick. Restarting the phone made it go away.

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Film- Full Metal Alchemists
Series- Naruto

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Omg…..Ummm…..(trying to decide here).....

Film: Escaflowne or Nausicaa of the Valley of Wid (dunno if thats what its actually called)

Series: Impossible to decide. I’m watching Naruto at the mo but its not the best out of all the ones i know….(the filler arc let it down a bit).....

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i’ve not seen naruto yet but I’m reading the manga at the moment, I’m up to book 10. I like escaflowne, the film, but the series was a bit pants, also anything from miyazaki is worth watching, I watched his son’s film “tales from earthsea” a few months ago, that was amazing, has anyone seen “paprika” yet, if you haven’t you should, theres probably some evangelion fans out there, i’ve got mixed feelings on that, it started out good but got a bit silly. Full metal alchemists and death note rock by the way

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Yup i love fruits basket and death note! (the latter i am currently re-watching for the 3rd time)

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Isn’t it weird how they only had 34 eps? L was my fav and I actually shed a tear for him :(

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I knoooow :’’[ They should have made it last longer, its like Tsubasa Chronicles, it lasted about 50 eps, then they gave up! Now they’re doing an OVA for it? WTH?

L certainly is the most amazing character i have ever come across ^^ I cried when he dies

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:) you’re my best buddy now ^.^

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I liked naruto (started watching in 2001) but I stopped watching when it hit the states because I didn’t want to be associated with narutards. But the plot is kickass, although the filler season lasted like two seasons. Reading the manga fills the craving, fewer fillers.

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Yeah XD Oops and sorry for the spoiler anyone who hasn’t watched Death Note all the way through yet ^^

Now if we talk Inuyasha, that has 4 films, nd over 250 somthin episodes (i think) – i think this is way too much, i gave up after the 75th ep!

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it can never be too much, I have all of dragonball, dragonball Z, dragonball GT and the movies and the manga, I suppose I’m a bit sad, nice to see some other otakus though

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omg I’m not an otaku. I’m not talking about anime anymore :|

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Umm…i guess i’m kind of an otaku…..but i’m not seriously obsessed….i just enjoy it ^^

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old school here
KOR(orange road)
oh my goddess
love hina
cowboy bebop
ghost in shell series
I check out death note since everyone here seems to like it

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yeah, I’ve read love hina, the situations he kept getting into, haha
the ghost in the shell series was amazing, I prefer the films to stand alone complex, but they where both really good
cowboy bebop is the best, it one of the few animes with a good closed ending that finishes the story

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Film: Grave of the Fireflies. If u haven’t watched it then u shuld do it asap. Anime: Death Note. I’m a huge Kira fan. Yagami Raito is the man!

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grave of the fireflies is awesome

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@LuckVlll – Cowboy Bebop is amazing! I’ve only just started watching it on tv (a re-run obviously) and its really funny xD

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