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Do you shake the milk?

Asked by shadling21 (6491points) February 12th, 2010

My parents raised me to give the milk jug or carton a good shake before serving it. Do you do this, too?

I know that you’re supposed to do this with soy milk because it has a tendency to separate into layers. Is it the same for cow’s milk?

Also, do you do a little dance while you shake it?

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Not these days.

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We shake the milk we get from farmers because it does separate. I don’t shake milk I get in plastic jugs because it does not separate.

With cow milk, you are shaking to redistribute the cream (fatty part) that collects on top. When we get raw milk from the farmers market or co-op, I like to skim the cream for other use, but you still have to shake what is left because you can never get it all.

Edited to add: I also shake chocolate milk. I do not recommend getting real milk that is chocolate milk though. You almost always end up with butter bits floating on top at some point.

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Yes, for no reason, just habit.

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I drink soymilk most of the time so I shake the soymilk.
But I don’t shake regular milk…I don’t like the bubbles it makes.

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I shake it…I shake it real good lol

I am like Dibley its mostly habit at this point.

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No, but I always give it a quick smell before pouring. Actually I do that with every drink before my first sip. Kind of weird. I don’t know why I do it.

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Nope, but I always shake the O.J.

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I shake the milk because I buy milk that is not homogenized so it has to be shaken because it separates when it stands.

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Only the organic I buy for my daughter and I only do it because it says to on the carton. I just give it a little jiggle, really.

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Yea, but I’d don’t know why. It’s a habit. I shake all my juices as well.

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Yes. Because it’s fun.

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Yep.With the cap off.I like adventure :)

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@lucillelucillelucille Thanks for making me lol :)

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Only when I add ice cream and chocolate syrup. Then I shake all heck out of it!

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Can I get a shake with that… milk?

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My parents have always bought the 4L milk jugs, and my Dad has always gave it a swish before pouring it, and yes he does a little wiggle while he shakes it :P Haha I love my Dad!

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Carton no. The udder one, being a bottle, not so much a shake more of a jiggly jaggle.

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From time to time, I shake my milk. It brings the boys to the yard.

And, they’re like, it’s better than yours.

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Yes, I shake the milk out of habit. Although I’ve noticed that when we freeze milk and thaw it out to use later if you don’t shake it some of the milk is really watery and some is richer, so I continue to shake the milk. :)

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@Facade I knew you’d see it my way!lol!:)

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I’m going to do the dance from now on.

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If my partner were here she would read this question, look over at my chest, and then walk away saying “no comment,” with a very sweet smirk on her face.

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My folks did as children. But that was before the invent of homogenized milk. So unless you really like suds or are about to drink chocolate milk I see no need to shake it up.

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And I thought the camera was turned off when I was doing my milk-shaking dance!

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Yup. But I smell it first.

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@liminal : Awh, hehe, that’s so cute ^.^

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Metaphorically, at least three times a week. LOL

Literally, nope. I don’t drink milk.

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Yes b/c it brings all the boys to the yard…

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In the schools everybody seems to be inclined to shake their little milk cartons at lunch or snake. Even me! For no other reason than…I don’t know! I really don’t. Because it gets frothy? Which you can’t really see in the carton? And especially since it’s 2%. (Bleh!)

Whole cow’s milk is SO yummy. I dated a dairy farmer once (well, he was the son of a dairy farmer, but was ear marked to take over the farm) and when we went to his home to visit his Mom would always send us home with a pickle jar of whole cow’s milk. Sooooo good!

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I drink Skim Plus with added calcium and protein. It needs to be shaken.

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Shake the milk? How strange.

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04/24/10 I told my wife not to shake the ½ and ½ cream. I told her that it shortened the shelf life of the cream because of oxidation. I told her that vigorously shakings the cream would significantly shorten the shelf life, by increasing the bacteria growth, certainly, that is, if the milk was not consumed in a relatively short period of time-under a week.

I left the breakfast table and googled “don’t shake the milk” and found “Do you shake the milk? With a cursory review, I did not see a single “No!” With a a more studied review, I found 4 no responses out of 32. Was my statement to my correct or incorrect or a portion of both
I am 73 years old, and have never in my life responded to a blog ever. This is the very first time ever! I suspect this will not be my last time.

Kindest regards, epu

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@epu Welcome to Fluther! I’m glad you felt comfortable messaging here. If you’ve got an inquisitive mind and/or knowledge to share, you’ll find this place a lot of fun.

About what you said to your wife… I found this link which talks about oxidation of milk, but it fails to mention that shaking milk will decrease shelf life. I’m no scientist, though. I hope someone responds with a more informed perspective.

Thank you for turning me off of milk forever, by the way. I stumbled upon this article which describes the many colors and flavors milk can have when affected by bacteria. Gross!

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