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whats the opposite of greedy ?

Asked by jessica (3points) March 3rd, 2008 from iPhone
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I think it’s selflessness

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Content, Contented

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ascetic, temperate-On your iPhone go to http:/ there you will find a dictonary and thesaurus app. Bookmark it to your homescreen, and there you go.

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anonymous benevolence – no ulterior motives

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In the advertising world, there are two emotions: greed and fear. So fear could be an alternate answer.

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Most said stuff like altruistic… but greed doesnt necessarily mean to want something off others. You can be greedy for money… for performance, pleasure, or anything…
Altruistic and selfless are actually the opposites of selfish and self centered. Also generosity is the opposite of thrift.
I believe the opposite of greed (and what you should be… because greed is dangerous) is Contempt. That is contempt with what you got, happy with what you have. Its called contempt. Greed is risking what you already have to get more of it… and it can hurt.

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