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If you were able to remove one stressor in your life right now, what would it be?

Asked by Jude (32112points) February 12th, 2010

I have a few and I’m workin’ on them (making healthy changes – for my physical as well as mental well being). Stress ages you, people and I want to keep on keepin’ on with my good looks (I’m totally kidding ;-)).

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The urban jungle where I am currently working

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I would be completely and totally happy if I could just find a job :( I’ve applied so many places. It is really really starting to stress me out.

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My SO’s job, it is causing both of us so much stress :( I wish I could just wisk him away from it all and tell his bosses to “F**K OFF!” He is overworked, underpaid and unappreciated. He does the job of 6 programmers…. I can’t wait to see him tonight, this is going to be a weekend of bliss for us both, and we need it!!

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities what’s up with your neighbors?

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@jmah I’m fairly certain that they’ve recently started dealing drugs.

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Magically disapear a mountain a debt we accumulated while my wife was unemployed for almost three years.

but we’re getting there. slowly but surely.

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This is a tough one to answer.Alot tougher than I thought.I have enough in my life that I have had lots of practice dealing with.I say,bring it on!

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Money. I hate thinking about it, I hate my entire life being affected by it. It stresses me out to no end.

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My inherent need to be correct and to help everyone else be correct also.

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My job. Blech. I hate working.

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@tinyfaery could you and the Missus take a vacation?

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My lopsided mortgage.

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Medical issues.

That includes my wife having to go in for major surgery again for a life threatening condition (I am scared shitless), the massive medical bills we cannot pay from the past, and my own medical condition that I cannot have treated due to having no health insurance (cardiac condition).

My wife is only getting the surgery because it is a matter of life or death. She has no insurance. Aftercare for her surgery? That would be me. Meds and supplies after her surgery? If we can afford them.

Paying the bills for it? She is going to wind up being sued again.

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The shortage of money.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities Wow… you know what. I don’t understand how people can be so thoughtless… They know kids live in the complex and here the come with their drugs and crap. That pisses me off to no end because I had to live around it for a year in my first place.

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@Tenpinmaster Thankfully, very few kids live around here, and I’m moving in a couple months.

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I don’t like not having control over my daily schedule. There are some days when I have very few patients scheduled, and others (like today), when I’m swamped. I wish I could even things out a bit.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities, you could call the police with your suspicions. Ask them to just do a “Knock and Talk.” we have gotten rid of a lot of would be drug dealers in our apartments once they are aware the police are watching them

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Money or my mother, real toss-up there. I do wish I had lots of money so that I’d never have to think about it again, not to mention to be able to live the hedonistic lifestyle I want. :P

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@Arisztid: It breaks my heart to hear your story. My warmest thoughts that your wife fares well.

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Two of my best friends split up.

Sounds so simple when you say it like that…

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The fear that I might graduate college but then work a cash register.

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I wish I could spend more time with my family, less time working – I wish I wouldn’t have the random injuries in my ankle and knee that I have – I wish my ex-husband would get a clue.

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The more stress you have the more stress relievers you need. I am buried by stress on a daily basis and it can take it’s toll. Taking away one stress wouldn’t even be a drop in the bucket so I deal with it as best I can. Swimming, meditation and playing my guitar real loud does it for me. Safe to say I am real good at all three of my stress relievers! lol!

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I’m never going to find a career I like that is possible with certain physical limitations

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Not to be behind on my mortgage.

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The biggest stressor I have in my life is myself. Since I can’t get “rid” of myself, I have to work and stopping the cycle of stressing myself out! :)

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I’m really worried about how I’m going to make ends meet as a student teacher in the fall (paying for school to let me have what’s essentially an unpaid full time job)... oy.

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I wish I could stop needing constant proof from people that they love me and need me and want me and they won’t suddenly disappear.

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@wundayatta when you figure out how to do it please write me a “how-to” book. That is the other stressor of my life and it is a huge stressor.

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@cprevite Thankyou most kindly. She had surgery to remove a 8” by 5” by 3” ovarian cyst last year which got that big because they took their bloody time getting it out due to the no insurance thing. The cyst on her other ovary, the one she has to have out, was 5” two MONTHS ago… they are dragging their heels because she has no insurance. At least a clinic here will see her if she is willing to wait long enough or she would be in deep shit as in dead. Also, luckily I am medically trained so I CAN do the care she requires. The last surgical incision dehisced . That is when the wound opens all the way… luckily I am trained enough to do nursing care on a dehisced incision and did not panic when it happened..

I am still scared to death. She sailed through the last one with only post op apnea but, after enough time in the medical profession, I do not like or trust generals.

I have never been happier to be a medical professional than I am now that she needs me. With the dehisced wound, we would have been in deep shit without me

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My parents—I don’t want to “remove” them but I wish they would back off a bit. I’m unemployed for the first time since I was 14; I’m not at any financial breaking point (yet) and am trying to enjoy my free time while I have it and their constant phone calls and offers of “help” and setting situations up so that I’m trapped into spending time with them are getting really really old. I’m trying to be patient with them and ease their worries about me but my patience is wearing thin and I don’t know how to tell them to just leave me alone, because no matter how nicely one says that, its going to hurt somebody’s feelings.

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i would love it if financially i could afford to not have to work full time.

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Family drama.

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If I could just borrow a nanny while I work. It is nearly impossible meeting deadlines and I struggle and stress out hard trying to keep up and also watching our kids.

@Arisztid May the surgery be a great success and recovery faster than expected.

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@Dog She is going to have the same surgeon and the surgeon is going to close the thing in a way that it should not dehisce so, should nothing go wrong with the general, it should be better. That does not stop me from worrying… I do not like generals.

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My daughter’s boyfriend

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this thing about retirement, and having money set aside for this…hah.

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@Arisztid Good luck with it from me too.

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@janbb Thankyou much. :)

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The apprehension that comes in letting go of old patterns. And a sufficient, steady legal income.

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My son’s chronic unemployment issues. He has lost three jobs in three years.

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grad school!!!! (oh and maybe not having a job… or time for one…)

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My emotional baggage.

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If I could stop feeling guilty for something that my dad has done to my life.

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