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When was the last time a substitute turned out to be better than the real thing in your life?

Asked by Simone_De_Beauvoir (38956points) February 12th, 2010

Sometimes, for whatever reasons, we may have to turn to substitutes of foods, substances, products, clothing, etc. After becoming a vegan, I found soy and tofu products that taste better than their meat-counterparts – same with vegan brownies and now I discovered vegan caviar (very excited about this!) and so many of these products ( I realize we’re privileged to have access to them) are better than what we originally consumed. Same with artificial, human-made diamonds, for another example. I love rings with rocks in ‘em (not gaudy, but nice rings), basically, and am against not being completely sure where ‘real’ diamonds come from (I realize we many never know, for sure, where any of ‘em come from)...but since I discovered alternatives like human-made diamonds and other stones, they’re so much better (and cheaper! and you don’t feel bad if you lose one!)...other examples, for me, would include the Kindle as a useful, better substitute for books (sometimes) and using a sleeping bag as an actual blanket/bed cover (very warm at night, just right)...

So what has it been for you – faux fur better than fur, funky hair color instead of your real color (oh, that goes for me too!)? What substitute has changed your life for the better?

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Giving Craigslist Rideshare a chance instead of flying home from Denver and meeting my unbelievably perfect for me boyfriend because of it!!!!

Also, seasoning my popcorn with GREEK SEASONING as opposed to garlic and salt. Seriously if you haven’t tried it go to the store right now and get some, it’s called Cadever’s (or something like that) Greek Seasoning and it will change your life.

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I can’t think of anything like this I’ve experienced, but I’m LOLing at your topic tags.

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@deni all right, all right..I will tell my husband to put it on his grocery list, :)
@Snarp – it’s to detract, I guess, all the people who’ll say something about their sex toys being better than the real thing…or maybe to encourage?

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I came here expecting to see vibrator or dildo. I don’t know what that says about me.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir really?! let me know how you like it. i put it on literally everything i make. i just made a burger and i doused it with greek seasoning…the first bite i took, i sat and closed my eyes for a few minutes because it was so good.

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@limeaide you’re not the only one
@deni yeah, I just texted him to buy it

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I am hoping to find that answer to your question in a week.

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No longer buying some name brand groceries and products has saved me a lot of money. Why buy Cocoa Puffs when I can buy Count Chocula for a lower price and it tastes the same lol?

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@Simone I was reading about millionaires (not people that were already wealthy, but people that came from nothing) and one thing they all had in common is that they were what some people call ‘cheap’, or thrifty.

Warren Buffet shops at Wal Mart apparently, and a lot of these people use coupons and buy things cheap because it simple saves money. I was surprised when I read that awhile ago.

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@Blackberry it is illogical to spend more money on things than necessary.

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When The Who sang it.

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Imitation crabmeat stick in place of the mayonaise and real crab meat mix that goes into many types of sushi rolls.

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You can take my diet Pepsi when you pry it from my cold dead furry paws

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OK let’s see if this is fixed now… maybe, yes? Alright! Good Job Augustlan! Thanks!

As I vus sayin’...

Lenses. I prefer the light drawn by a certain 20 year old off brand lens line over my newest Carl Zeiss. Selling the Zeiss. Yes, they are technically better, and all the tests and charts prove that. But there is a notable signature to the older Tammy’s and Rokkors that were originally designed for film, before digital. Put them on digital, and something very unique is at play.

It’s the only thing I’m ever quixotic about… not.

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