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Do you have a poker face?

Asked by Dr_Dredd (10528points) February 12th, 2010

When I was in training, my residency program director told me that I have no poker face. If I was going to tell someone something bad, they’d see it on my face first, and if it was good news, they’d see that on my face as well. Last week a patient of mine saw me in the DMV and said that I looked like I was going to go ballistic. (As it turned out, that was when I was told I was going to have to pay a $900 fine to “unfreeze” my license and registration.)

So, fellow Flutherites, do you wear your emotions on your face? If not, how do you recommend avoiding it?

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I’ve only played a couple of times and as I don’t really know what I’m doing my face gives nothing away…

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Oh gosh, guilty as charged. I work in corporate finance, with all the politics that involves. I really battle to be poker faced. In fact, I sometimes, as an observer of myself ,see myself as a “clown” with exaggerated facial expressions of shock, disgust, horror and so on. I can make a mental not though when seeing clients to keep a “straight” face simply because I tend to be over animated. Or conversely I can “warm up my face” to appear friendly and easy to talk to. (Part of client building). I know when I visit a health practitioner I stare into their faces for even a tweak of an eyebrow. Which sends me into a frenzy of “Oh gosh what IS wrong with me!”

I’d say the poker face is very important in certain professions as well as the ability to animate the face to suite the environment one is in. So all in all one needs to be “on guard” then to avoid a “real face” at certain moments. I use self talk and preparation before approaching the person or situation.

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I’ve never played Poker so I don’t know…as for wearing my emotions, I’m very good at hiding them at least, or making people think I might be feeling one way when I feel a whole other way. As long as I don’t talk, since my voice usually betrays the mask.

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No. I have a horrible poker face. Whenever I’m hiding something or lying, people can always tell. I get a huge smile on my face and start to laugh, pretty obvious.

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Well, I have a face people seem to like to poke.

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</Lady Gaga references>

I only hide my emotion through facial expressions when I’m in a bad mood and around children.
Anyone else can tell right away what’s going through my mind.

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Apparently not. I don’t even bother to lie. People know right away. Except over the internet. My poker face is perfect here!

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Yes, I can show no expression but behind your back I am pulling faces at you.

Think spaceballs:

President Skroob: [to Dark Helmet] Never have that damn thing down in front of me. How I do I know you’re not making faces at me under that thing?
[Dark Helmet raises his face shield and sticks his tongue out at Skroob after he turns away]

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I have the same problem. I mean it’s normal to show emotions. We wouldn’t be humans if it wasn’t.

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I definitely do not have a poker face and I wear my heart on my sleeve these traits are first cousins

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The older I get,the less I try to hide what I feel….ahhhh…freedom :)

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No and try as I might, my face doesn’t lie.

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I do, but only when it’s needed. Other than that you can read me like a book.

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My expression doesn’t reveal my thoughts, but it sure seems to reveal that I am having them. I don’t know what people are seeing, but I have had managers and directors stop meetings to turn and ask me what I was thinking. My husband says “Why are you looking like that?” (Like what, dammit?) Last week my philosophy professor called on me cold in the middle of class—I mean, I was not raising my hand, and he was lecturing, and he suddenly stopped speaking to ask me, “Did you want to say something?” A speaker will address me and say, “Did you have a question?” I have no idea what expression is on my face when this happens, but it sure isn’t a poker face.

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People do say they can see everything in my eyes and facial expression – but that’s only if I want them to – I can lie pretty well and keep a poker face up pretty well.

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Usually my tongue hanging out of the side of the mouth means I am thirsty….my eyes closed shut means I am sleeping….big shit eating grin means I am happy….I am so transparent.

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I can turn it on, yes. Otherwise, I don’t try to subdue emotional expression.

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I have a very good poker face, doom could be right at your doorstep, and I can be asking you how the weather is. Then step away right before the powder room blows. There is a cocktail of skills I use. First of all, getting overly emotional will impede me thinking logically, so I let the logic reign supreme. Taking it much as cross examination in the court room, you just deal with the facts not how I want to feel over it in a visceral sense.

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Fuh fuh fuh fuh fuh fuh fuck her faaaace!

Sorry, but I couldn’t resist.

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Oh @Symbeline! You are very, very, very naughty!

But I like the way you think!

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