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Who cares that there are no more Kennedy's in Congress?

Asked by Poser (7800points) February 12th, 2010

If anything, I’d call it progress. Do you have an opinion? Do you care one way or the other?

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Not me. Politicians should not be treated as royalty in a democracy.

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Patrick Kennedy, 1st Congressional District, Rhode Island

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I don’t. That’s one of the reasons why I didn’t post a question about it.

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Patrick Kennedy stated this week he would not seek re -election.

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Hurray for apathy!

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Anyone who cares about Americana !! The Kennedy clan has been a staple on American history ! Makes me wonder why you’re posting this question in disgust ?

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@galileogirl and @Shae—That was what I was referring to. I should have said that there will be no more Kennedy’s in congress.

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As a life long Democrat I have always admired the dedication the Kennedy clan has had for service to its country. Even if a Kennedy is not an elected official the family still is very active in many organizations to help the people of our country and world. The right Kennedy at the right time in office may happen again one day and they will have my vote.

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Maybe Jello Biafra will run for Congress. Then we can have a sort-of Kennedy.

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wtf is so special about the kennedy’s. woopty doo!

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Since Kennedy is the 137th most common name in the US, I’m sure statistically there will be Kennedys in our political future.

@Poser (what an apt name) Clarity is always better than troll-speak.

@mrentropy Not likely, he can’t even get his own party’s nomination

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@deni maybe you should read a book and find out some of the very special things the Kennedy family has done.

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@Shae i can think of more interesting things to read about like volcanos and petra and egypt and the moon. i dont care about the kennedy’s, politics is generally dull and depressing, i realize some people must be interested in it for our country to operate but i’m not one of them. also, ted kennedy is a murderer.

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@deni your disinterest does not mean you should be flippant or even disrespectful about different people’s contributions to society. I think you would be surprised at the things in your life that where effected by the Kennedys. But really what does it matter if someone has lots of money and wants to give back?

If I went into a subject that you find important and wrote who the f*ck cares that Hepshetsut was a women, I’m sure you would find that impolite.

And just to be snotty…Micheal Jackson was pedophile.

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@Shae the question was “who cares”....I was answering exactly what was asked. I also said nothing disrespectful. Just saying I’m sick of hearing KENNEDY KENNEDY KENNEDY.

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@deni You did not state “I don’t care” You stated What the F*ck is so special about the Kennedys? I answered you.

And really you love the moon, space travel, and astronauts and don’t see a connection to the Kennedys? That is very strange.

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I don’t care if there is a Kennedy in congress or not.
I only care if our congresspeople are honest and hard working, I don’t care what their name is.

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The Kennedy’s were for better or worse the closest this country has ever come to royalty or a dynasty. Just another chapter in this countries history is all.

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Actually, Kennedy being assassinated is evidence that he probably would have changed the course of this nation. He had planed to have all US presence out of Nam by ‘65. We wound up remaining there 10 years past that date, finally retreating in disgrace.

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I’m giving this a GQ and a bit ol’ w00t. Made my day, so far.

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And I’d call you bipartisan and divisive.
Perhaps some of the greatest minds and politicians of the 20th century. Champions of the poor, civil rights and stewards of the environment from John, Robert, and Edward to Robert Jr.

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I’m with @davidbetterman. The Kennedy’s were probably for the people, which is why the fuckwads set about “neutralizing” them.

Oh wait, I’m sounding like a nut job. I mean “Kennedy curse.”

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Not me. I am a suspicious of anybody who never had a real job.

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Yes they had wealth and served in politics but their real jobs never failed to take into account others who had real jobs. The same real jobs which tirelessly supported those which had no direct benefit to them. The same real jobs which protected the nation from a Soviet threat in Cuba. The same real jobs which created such organizations like the Peace Corps, civil rights initiatives and an “economic programs [which] launched the country on its longest sustained expansion since World War II” ( The same real jobs which caused two brothers to be assassinated by real assholes.

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<—-stopping following

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I still don’t care.

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@SeventhSense I think you mean partisan.

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