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Tumblr VS Twitter?

Asked by James_Mal (441points) February 12th, 2010

What do you guys ( and gals ) prefer to use? I suppose I’ve been an avid user of both, but have found Tumblr to just be a little more appealing, although there aren’t as many third part applications for it for use on my desktop! To reiterate, what is your preferred service?

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Both keep me very entertained. Both keep me connected to people I care about.

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Tumblr. I hate Twitter.

But both services are different. I don’t see the need to compare them.

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This is an odd comparison. Tumblr is a blogging service, Twitter is a gossip and news sharing service. How do you compare and rate two different site with to completely different purposes? Oh well, here it goes.

I like Tumblr a bit more. It links to better and more varied content (i.e. blogs). I find Twitter repetitive, and all of the “tweets” overwhelming on high traffic days.

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They’re not really comparable. Two completely different things.

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They are comparable in the sense that you can just share updates and the likes with friends and family. Twitter just has a 140 character count, and is therefore a ‘micro’-blogging site. Tumblr is my preferred of the two, because it has integration with my Twitter AND FaceBook. I can update all of my important sites from Tumblr, but was just curious to hear your takes!

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Neither. I have found no reason to use either one. I can do all of the things done on those two sites by using my email and browser.

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Actually neither. I never understood the big stink about Twitter ?? Why do people need to keep posting what they are doing every few minutes ! People with interesting lives do not have the time to get posting every few hours.

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TWITTER is just for posting stuff, you’re currently doing and you’re going to do..

TUMBLR is for blogging not posting updates.

and PLURK is way better than twitter

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I’d rather take a nap than use either. It would be a better use of my time.

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