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What do you think it takes to be "big" on Fluther?

Asked by ChocolateReigns (5619points) February 12th, 2010

Sorry if that’s not exactly as explanatory as it could be. I couldn’t think of how to say it and stay under the limit for the question title. Anyways, I meant to ask what you thought it took to be part of the crowd on here, or for something to be legendary? Like the proposal thread! And the CIA thread. So I hope you get what I mean by “big”.

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From my observations, I have concluded that Fluther fame is an odd thing. It requires some rather weird procedures:

A. Ask an outlantish and strange “out of this universe” question.
B. Think of the most demented, misspelled “question” you can and post.
C. Critique a well known user and watch the flames come crackling in.
D. Ask a universal question that is ridiculously easy to respond to.
E. Find your own unique style (e.g. the complex child know as AstroChuck, or Jeruba’s big words) and show off post as often as possible.
F. Spend eight hours a day commenting and adding people to your Fluther.
G. Develop a queer sense of humor and spew it often.
H. Come up with an incredible and bizarre life story and relate it on every question possible.
I. Ask something painfully dumb. (Like “What is this triangular thingy that sticks out of my face under my eyes?” or “How is babby formed?”).
K. Make sure to upset the majority.
L. Become a merciless grammar nazi, or maybe even a self-appointed but hypocritical mod. These kinds of Flutherites never fail to stir up a question.
M. Find and study your “niche” in the wee hours of the morning. Then, when the golden question comes along, post an essay long answer no one can understand. That not only hogs the page, but grants you an immediate spotlight (e.g. like I’m doing here).
N. Make crude jokes that get “mod-ed” 80% of the time.
O. Make it your main focus to be the “comedy relief” king of Fluther. And then try to answer one question seriously.
P. Ask something about 2012.
Q. Forget your place and fool yourself into thinking you are enlightened, and then preach this enlightenment in PM’s and public questions.
R. Make “I shall call every question stupid” your motto.
S. Make “Anything you can do I can do better” your second motto.
T. Act the part of a disgusting barbarian. Or be more refined, and use wit as a double edged sword on the user of your choosing.
U. Pretend to be your favorite kind of animal.
V. Craft deep, abstract responses that are really just flat quips in disguise.
W. Steer a conversation away from the original question so that you can get the attention, or be shallow and flat out annoy people.
X. Make politics the only thing you’ll talk about.
W. Pretend to be an innocent “kid” who doesn’t know when to keep his/her mouth shut.
Z. If all else fails, get high and then start fluthering. You’ll become an overnight legend.

The above will make you big on Fluther. It may not make you liked, but it will make your big. The key is to be obnoxious and strange. I’m not going to lie and say hard work and playing “little angel” will make your famous.

P.S. Forgive the radical satire. This kind of answer isn’t my norm. Keep in mind, these are my observations of the the famed 5% superstars, not the majority of Flutherites.

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I went with fart jokes.

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That works too.

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Being older than everyone else helps. Who else had a 1946 Dodge as a first car?

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@gailcalled I wasn’t going to say this, but about that ‘46 Dodge…

First: never finish an answer son—always keep ‘em wanting more. Second….

Response moderated
Response moderated
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@wundayatta: That car haunts my dreams. MY grandfather picked it up as a wreck on the highway, banged out all the dents, reconditioned the motor and gave it to me in 1953, after I turned 16 and had a license.

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@ChocolateReigns I recognize you already.

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Me, too. I’d say you’re already on your way!

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well, killed two birds with one stone on that last one. :)

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@all I think I miscommunicated a little bit here…Sorry about that. I wasn’t wondering if I was big here. I seriously couldn’t care less about being recognized or anything. I was just wondering about your thoughts on the subject.

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I tried giving all the aged jellies cheese cake and pastry treats. My plan never worked. ‘doh

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Bad ass avatar…lol :D

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@Axemusica Who you calling “aged jellies”?

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@Chocolatereigns; How do you reconcile B and L?

B. Think of the most demented, misspelled “question” you can and post.

L. Become a merciless grammar nazi, or maybe even a self-appointed but hypocritical mod. These kinds of Flutherites never fail to stir up a question.

( One can’t “stir up a question,” metaphor-wise.)

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@chyna You do realize I mean in terms of time on fluther?

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@Axemusica I’m an aged jelly; just poked myself and I can still jiggle with the best of them!

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@janbb then by all means get jiggly with it.

ps try some cheese cake ;)

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@Axemusica Wasn’t sure, but aged jellies are like a fine wine. We get better with time.

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Is your real name Janets?

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@asmonet Who? Me? No, my name is Sarah.

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Sarah, meet janets.

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