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How can i make money fast?

Asked by lizzyluckbox (250points) February 12th, 2010

im disabled. so i cant get a f/t job right now. my bills coming up in the next couple months are outrageous. any suggestions?

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This is a tough question . . . lots of abled bodied people are also out of work, . . . without really knowing your dis/ability(ies) it would be difficult to make any intelligent suggestion.

At the very least, SSI is available to those who qualify.

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Start a blog? With perseverance, you can gain some suitable income from such a venture.

@njnyjobs brings up a good point. Without at least an outline of what you can do, our hands are tied in the suggestions department.

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@Spinel Yeah, but it takes more than a couple months to get a blog following to make a decent income right? At least that’s what I’ve always assumed…

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@lizzyluckbox You could always pawn some things, or ebay. Ebay is good.

@lilikoi You are right on target. But I reason that since lizzyluck is currently out of work, s/he can get an edge, spend more hours on it then the rest of us. Desperation gives one a drive. I know it’s not the best suggestion in the world, but it’s all I can think of due to limited info.

Maybe you have some ideas?

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You really need to talk with a social worker, a Social Security disability payments administrator, politician, your state’s health and human services advocate, your local unemployment office, go to church and start networking (people are kinder at church), pay someone $10 to make a YouTube video of your story and set up a PayPal account asking for $1 contributions, call your state and federal representatives’ offices and ask where to find funding for disabled unemployed people; programs exist.

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3 day eBay auctions. Any old video games laying around?

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I know what it is to be there. I have been disabled for 13 years. My health is coming back slowly, but don’t ask me of my very low times. It is very difficult to make money quick, however, I know of a program that builds your business for you and it offers a way out to start building a residual income. This is a true program I have been two months in it and I am already growing and making some money. If you want more info, just contact me and I will share more details…. Zeek ramirez, rameze

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