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What to serve a vegan for brunch?

Asked by nicobanks (2916points) February 12th, 2010

I’m having a friend over for brunch tomorrow and she just told me she’s vegan now. Absolutely every thing I’d planned to serve is out (except for the drinks). Help!

I have a little time to run out for nearby ingredients before she gets here, but really I need simple suggestions. I already know some recipes for gourmet vegan brunches but at this point they take too much preparation. I am busy tonight so we’re talking things I can do entirely tomorrow morning.

Thank you!

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a Dennis Gran Slam Breakfast !! J/K
How about a continental breakfast ! ( Fruit & Pastries )

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Cheerios, Special K, soy milk, fresh fruits, muffins

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Vegetables and humus?

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What ingredients do you have at hand? Have you already made the food for the brunch?

Tofu Scramble-
Diced potato
Chunked tofu
Peppers and onions
Salt, Pepper, Oregano

Saute all together in skillet- Optional: serve with salsa.

Sliced fruit tray is always good.

Breakfast burritos
Black beans
Peppers and onions

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How about a fruit salad, with all the trimmings,
like coconut sprinkles, maraschino cherries or sliced up cherries on top, with maybe papaya slices, and maybe Guava slices on the side,
and oh yes, some organic marinated baked tofu on the side.

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Wow. Nothing like pressure, huh? Did she convert, like, this morning? Why on earth didn’t she tell you this when you scheduled the brunch? ~eyeroll~ People…

Anyway… Homefries would work. Diced ‘taters, peppers, onions, mushrooms, sautéed in oil instead of butter. Fresh fruit is a given. I don’t know what’s available in your area, but in Florida strawberries are really cheap right now.

I’d stay away from store-bought breads, as many likely have milk and egg ingredients, and you don’t know if she’s one of the crazy ones that think yeast is an animal worthy of equal respect as well.

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Thank you everyone for the suggestions!

Some kind of fry is a good idea (like @Seek_Kolinahr homefries or @gemiwing tofu scramble). Hmm…

I will be serving fruit, that’s for sure.

But, (to help others with future suggestions):

Obviously I’d love to serve muffins or pastries but those aren’t vegan foods! (Unless they’re specially made vegan, that is, but there’s no vegan bakery close enough for that.)

It’s too late for things that need to work over night (beans, fruit salad).

@njnyjobs If it comes to serving cereal, I think I’ll suggest we go out instead. I know I’d be pretty disappointed to be invited over for brunch and served Cheerios!

@Oxymoron Too much lunch, not enough breakfast.

@Poser That’s disgusting.

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@nicobanks No way! Spam is awesome! But I’m with @Seek_Kolinahr: it’s pretty inconsiderate of your friend to just now inform you of her obnoxious habit.

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Vegan muffins are quite easy to make, I didn’t suggest them because they might contain ingredients you don’t have at home. Soy milk and Blue Bonnet Light can be used in any recipe. Scones are an easy thing to make vegan. Plus if you have fruit handy- you can always toss some in to the scones.

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egg mcmuffins – buy those pillsbury instant biscuits, put in cheese and scrambled eggs. And veggies, if you’re a healthy sort.

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@Poser Maybe it’s an acquired taste.

But I have to take some of the responsibility: way back when she was vegan, but last I knew (the last two times we had brunch together) she was vegetarian, and although I invited her over a week or so ago I didn’t think to ask until today.

@gemiwing Oh I know they can be made, but you’re right I don’t have the ingredients at home, and the bakeries closest to me don’t sell vegan things.

@efritz Cheese and eggs is exactly what I can’t serve, that’s what vegan means: no dairy, meat, or animal products of any kind, not even honey and so forth.

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I do have the ingredients for vegan pancakes though…

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Get a pack of frozen vegetables for stir-fry, a pack of Firm or Extra Firm Tofu. Dice tofu and fry ‘til golden, set aside. Saute’ in garlic and onions the Stir-Fry Veggies, season with soy sauce, and mix in the fried tofu to finish. Serve with some steamed white or brown rice.

BTW, Cereals is the breakfast component of brunch.

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Vegan potato latkes…

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So… how did Brunch go?

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Thanks everyone again for your suggestions!

They ended up deciding they would “cheat” for the day, ha ha, and brought croissants. But actually it went well. I served fried potatoes, with wilted spinach on top, and a tomato and black bean mixture on top of that (cooked with shallots and dried oregano. I cheated and used canned beans, which I had to go out for, but everything else I had at home.) Since they decided they wanted to cheat I threw a fried egg on top, and it was really yummy! I think I will make it again even.

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I’m glad it worked out, @nicobanks

And I would never call canned beans cheating, especially when you’re not given appropriate notice to soak your legumes overnight. Well done. ^_^

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Thank you :)

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