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How well have you practiced patience?

Asked by wundayatta (58599points) February 12th, 2010

I’m sure we all know impatience pretty well. “I want that and I want it now, and if I don’t get it now I’m going to pieces.” I tend to be that kind of person. When I get my heart set on something (or someone), I fret and worry until I find out whether I will get it or not. Sometimes the wait is so bad, that I prefer to sabotage my chances rather than having to wait in suspense any longer.

Have you ever been able to be patient? Have you managed to keep yourself from going crazy with worry about something, and just waited until you found out? What was the situation? How did you find the patience to stay calm while waiting for the outcome?

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I’d say pretty well. I have three children, all girls. I’ve been a father for nearly 29 years. If that doesn’t forge patience tell me what does.

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I am practicing as we speak…I was first told to wait till my birthday for a special gift now I have to wait a week to see if something extremely important to me is still there next Saturday…

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Everytime I have to be patient for something, I usually think about this one Calvin and Hobbes comic strip where his dad tells him that often, the anticipation of waiting for something is more fun than when said moment actually arrives.

I don’t know if it works or not, but otherwise I just watch plenty of zombie movies and get drunk.

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I’m practicing non-attachment. It’s easier to do that, than to focus and then try and be patient. I find I don’t need to be patient, if I’m not expecting anything. Only a faint hope/possibility of things actually turning this way vs that way.

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I’m currently only a few dollars away from my first netbook. The wait is driving me bunkers. So far, I am finding distraction to be the best coping method. Writing, fluthering, skiing and watching shows are all helping. I’ve also been giving myself “pep talks.”

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Well, uh… I’m your first paragraph when it comes to relationships but very patient when it comes to jobs, finances, big picture life plans. I really hate this about me because a good relationship is something I really value and then end up mucking up anyhow. grrrr.

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Ah well, once you have the next thing you’ll get used to that as well. And then look toward the next thing, and next thing. I already have now, enjoying now – relaxing in the now. Mmm… all is good :)

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All these damn questions about “healthy” food, is making me realize that I have no patience, at all.

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I’ve practiced it all my life & I still haven’t got it. If someone mentions going somewhere, I want to go now. If someone mentions building or buying something, I want it now. I want things done yesterday. I’m sure this wrecks havoc on my nerves, but that’s just the way I’ve always been. I’m a type A+ all the way.

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The other night I was out at dinner with coworkers. I was joking with one of them and he responded “I’ll kill you!” Now the me from 10 years ago would of taken his head off. However the me of today realizes that this guy has some issues he needs to work on. Plus I have matured and realize that its just not worth it to sweat the petty stuff. I’d rather pet some sweaty stuff!

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I don’t preach it,so I don’t practice it ;)

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I’m very patient, and have no problem waiting. I wasn’t always that way, but especially when it’s a long line, or crowded, I focus on being pleasant to the person who is having to deal with the public. I can be insistent, and persistent, but I try to avoid impatience. I think a lot of it comes from my husband being horribly impatient, and it’s very embarrassing to be out in public with him. He’s gotten much better of late, but there were times that his rudeness and childishness would make me cringe, and on occasion, reduce me to tears.

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I imagine I am better at it than I was yesterday, but probably worse at it than I will be tomorrow.

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