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I am thinking of joining a political party. Which one should I choose?

Asked by AlienBomber (188points) February 12th, 2010

I have never registered with a party before. So, any and all information will be appreciated. Thanks..

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Do you have any other details that you’d like to share? Like your political orientation or basic views? That would help.

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Choose the one that best resembles your ideals. You don’t have to join a party, you can still vote on issues without declaring an overall political orientation.

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Ask yourself these three questions..
Do I believe in individual rights?
Do I feel that I have the right to my own destiny?
Do I know how to use my personal wealth better than the government does?
If you answered yes to all these questions then look into Libertarians.If you want to be more mainstream,go Republican.

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Thoroughly research the details of each party and make up your own mind….DO NOT listen to anything or anyone other than your inner voice of what you believe you life is worth and what is important to you.

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Ah, @lucillelucillelucille I like you more every day.

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For starters I feel like I must say that joining any mainstream party will have negligible affects on society compared to joining a more grassroots movement which supports some of your personal beliefs. Polticians are the vehicles for powerful people to create the world that they want, I dont believe mainstream parties can be trusted to do anything but perpetuate the war on terror and government control over our lives.

edit: This really depresses me to no end, Im not just spewing at you.

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I’m tired of not having a vote in the primaries. I can’t decide of wether to join an opposing party to infiltrate their primaries or to join the party that I agree with to help the candidates that I like.

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@AlienBomber in that case, and if you feel that it’s important enough, you should feel free to game the system in whatever way suits your personality and state elections laws. There are no laws governing how you have to register, except some states will only let you vote for candidates on your party’s slate, so that’s a consideration. Not all states are restrictive in that way.

And no matter which party you register under (if any), you’re stuck with the same generally shitty choices as the rest of us in the general election.

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I suggest that you remain non-partisan. It spares you a lot of grief, while still letting you vote the way that you want.
Are there any benefits to joining a political party?

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You don’t have to register with a political party. You can register “non-party affiliated” in the state of California.

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are you properly outfitted with an AK-47 comrade?

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ask yourself this:

1) Do you think all poor people are inept and lazy, and trying to get their filthy hands on some of your hard earned cash?

2) Do you think labour Unions should be abolished?

3) Do you quickly get bored, flustered and out of your depth when somebody tries to explain a political situation to any depth?

4) Do you inwardly wince at the prospect of two men kissing?

5) Do you think immigration sucks, except for your immigrant employees, who still suck but are dirt cheap?

6) Do you think that Same sex marriages should be abolished but the possibility of marriage to your Gun should be institutionalised

7) Do you truly believe you have a divine right to gasoline on tap, by divine i mean you believe that when God made the Earth, Allah (sneaky A-rab) stole the oil (when God wasn’t looking) and bestowed it upon his people, (who didn’t even know what to do with it!?) furthermore God has entrusted you with the holy mission of righting this heinous wrong, and punishing the dirty towel headed thieves?

if the answer is yes to some, or most of these questions, chances are you are a Republican if the answer is no, to most of these questions, chances are you will struggle to find a political party with any clout whatsoever, but you can console yourself with the fact that you are a human being.

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I would not suggest directly joining a political party, almost everyone on the other side will automatically get one step away from you up to the point where some will think you are insane.

My experience.

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Ask yourself these three questions..
Do I think people deserve a quality education and proper healthcare?
Do I feel that that people are more important than profit?
Do I know that the government needs to stay the fuck out of our bedrooms and a woman has a right to choose?
If you answered yes to all these questions then look into the Green Party. If you want to be more mainstream, go Democrat.

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Ask yourself these questions:
Do I think my vote really matters a damn?
Do I think that anyone my vote helps to elect will keep any important promises?
Do I really have nothing better to do with my time?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then pick a political party at random and cherish your beliefs.

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Ask yourself this

Do you believe you know what other people need, and that people making more than 200K a year got there by cheating?

Do you think that corporations exist to exploit the common man, and deprive them of their rights?

Do you think that the individual is less important than the needs of society, and that we all should sacrifice for the greater good?

Do you think that you, as a member of the group, are entitled to a comfortable life, the best in food, health-care, entertainment, and automotive vehicles, whether or not you contribute to the production of them.

Do you believe that everything in the world is a conspiracy designed to deprive man of his rights, and that powerful corporations will seize all around you in an orgy of greed.

Do you think that policeman are all republican?

Do you think that it’s more important to be educated, than to produce goods

Do you think that anyone who works with their hands needs to be told what is good for them. That they are unlikely to look out for their own good.

Do seek to help the poor while looking down your nose at them

Do you hate all but your own “in group”

Do you enjoy making fun of people with religious beliefs

If you answered yes to any of the above, you might be a senator.

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@mammal and @DrMC – thank you for not being biased at all in your replies. At least the two of you showed both the Left and Right perspectives. It’s comments like yours that make me repeat myself…

You don’t have to be in a party – register non-party affiliated and try to stay away from partisan B.S. (e.g. Republicans are greedy, heartless bastards and Democrats are elitists who know better than you, the “average” person)

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@LunaChick mine is a tongue in cheek retort to @mammal

I prefer to vote anarchist, or revolution, but I’ll settle for independent.

I like liberals, but progressives are basically not really from or for this country.

When all of the above is not available I’ll vote republican.

Actually I prefer issues first.

fiscal responsibility before mindless party buzzwords

social responsibility before mindless entitlement

Military responsibility AND political prudence

Friends before foes

Health-care we can afford, (now that I could believe in) -that doesn’t cause the industry to go Galt.

Truth before lies

Brotherhood before elitism.

Opportunity before oppressive social dependence.

Care for the needy, but in a way that lets them hold their heads high, and get back on their feet if they are able.

Honor success and reward it, with compassion for those who do not succeed.

Stewardship before greed.

Sorry – that leans libertarian, repubs and a few others.

Leans away from all forms of corruption.

Know your mind, and the world.

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@DrMC – Well, you did such a good job, of showing the “other side” that I thought you were one of those loons ;)

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Both parties are more or less the same. It’s two piles of shit. The best thing you could do is to join a lobby group. You will have more influence there than in any party.

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Don’t join either of the two major parties. Find a smaller party that has views that more closely match your own.

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@LunaChick ah, but I am a “loon” in so many ways. I love to pick up a torch and pitchfork, to march on the capital. Worked at the Bastille. Nothing beats a few beers and an enraged mob!

Tea party anyone?

Someday Jesse Ventura will save us all.

He will light off the sacred hydrogen bomb as it has been ordained.

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@DrMC – That doesn’t make you a loon (not to me, at least) If you are fighting for what you believe in, I’m all for it. If you blindly vote for one party and hate everyone in the other, then you’re a loon, in my book.

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I once read that Left and Right were more or less the same, and that we ought to explore the Up and Down axis.

It’s good that you clarified; “loon” and “crazy” are often used by the more liberal among us in an attempt to marginalize the conservatives. You’d think that people would realize that these accusations are being leveled at what was once more or less mainstream, and therefore couldn’t possibly be that bad, but no.

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@LunaChick there are other ways of being loony muhahahahahaa

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@LunaChick I think you are objecting to mindless following – hence the terms:

“drinking the cool-aid”

used to describe zealots following dogma on both sides. This is nothing new. Worked for Napoleon, worked for Mao. Worked for Hitler too.

Zealotry is more fun with a gun, but I am a non violent panda, so I will restrict myself to jungle tactics like slinging poo, and making strange growling howling noises.

: )

Maybe in an enlightened future, for now I will continue to sling poo at the humans below in the jungle.

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@DrMC – You don’t need to clarify that to someone who calls herself “LunaChick” ;) Being loony can be fun, being a loon (mindless follower, as you call them) is not.

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@LunaChick but I want to carry a torch!

can I? can I?

I have to go back to the asylum soon.

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The Common Loon is actually something of a loner :P

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@Nullo actually, they have a very beautiful call.

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@DrMC – Okay, you can have a torch, but just a tiki.

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@LunaChick oh darn. : ( – I wanted to use this one – they giggle sort of like a panda would.

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@DrMC – nice try, but this is the best I could do – take it or leave it.

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@LunaChick LOL, I almost fell out of my tree at that one.

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All this political stuff is just bull… There just a bunch of puppets run by congress. Just do what you belive in, don’t listen to what other people tell you.

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Start your own, there all screwed in the head.

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You should be Independent. Vote your heart and your gut, not your party.

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