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What is the technical fastest way to kill a person?

Asked by ChaosCross (2340points) February 12th, 2010

Not that I am specifically considering killing anyone soon, it is just an interesting thought that came to mind.

And just so there is no ambiguity toward what I mean:

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Hold on, lemme’ che…:(

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severe that artery in your neck…

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Well, sounds like severe blunt force trauma to the medulla can do it almost instantaneously. Damn. Remind me not to watch the news for the next couple of days..

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ground zero of a nuclear blast?

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A quick glimpse of Rush Limbaugh in assless chaps, nipple clamps and a gag ball.. on all fours.. on your bed.

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@jmah – Great. Now I need brain bleach.

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@aprilsimnel hee hee! ..jingle jingle..

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Execution…the guillotine way?

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@Spinel that would definitely severe the carotid artery, plus.

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Military training probably offers knowledge on the human body’s vital points, as well as training to quickly and efficiently kill another human.

I’d suggest informing yourself around military staff or websites, although I doubt the methods with which to professionally take out another human being are handed out like pamphlets.

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@vincentcent Perhaps it was the secret of the French Revolution?

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@Spinel Oh no, those heads stay alive for a minute or so after being disconnected.

I’d say that conking someone on the head would be fastest. Maybe there are some toxins that are faster.

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The fastest way would probably be the 15 ton weight you often see in Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

No seriously, I don’t think it would be cutting the carotid arteries or the jugular veins because desanguination takes too long – minutes. It would have to be blowing your brains out in one shot – because you are destroying the center of the body’s functioning and perception at once. Guillotine would be up there though. But I wonder how long the nerves in the brain would keep firing and you would still have some perception – for several seconds maybe?

I guess my question is: how are you defining death? Is it defined as your heart stopping, or is it your brain is no longer firing?

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Well, if L. Frank Baum is any sort of expert, it would be to drop a house on the person in question.

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Chuck Norris.

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Technically, the fastest way to kill someone is by instantly vaporizing them via nuclear explosion. It’ll happen so quickly that the nerves shouldn’t have time to send pain impulses to the brain before the whole body turns to a puff of gas.

Nuclear 9/11. Will it happen? – “The blast would instantly vaporize Times Square, Grand Central Terminal, and every other structure within half a mile of the point of detonation.”

Nuclear War Planners ‘Never Understood, Didn’t Care’ – “which instantly vaporize men, women and children alike”


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hmmmm…decapitation? you crazy person you

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