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What are your veiws on abortion?

Asked by ChaosCross (2340points) February 12th, 2010

What are your views about this? I am interested to hear what you think. Are you Pro life or Pro choice? Why?

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It should be a last resort. It’s not something anyone enjoys or wants. There are a million steps that can and should be available to fertile human beings before this question ever arises.

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I think there are times that it is acceptable. I would never do it unless it was because of rape or the child had an extreme deformity that was visible early in the pregnancy. I would never resort to that unless I absolutely had to.

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Nobody likes abortion. But the bottom line is it’s her body so it’s her choice.

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Oh boy. These threads never end well.

Abortion is shit.
Sometimes, it’s a lesser evil. Relative to an even shittier life full of pain, stress, and limited choices. Potentially.

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I’m pro life. I hate thinking about abortion; however, I do think women should decide to abort the baby when it is damaging them or in case of a rape. What I am against is teenagers/women that just want to abort just because they did not have “protected” sex. We go to school for a reason and all those advertisements, stories, etc. about “accidents” I mean, how can you not be aware about this? Be smart and take the birth control pill and make your man wear a fucking condom. How hard is that?

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I am greatly worried how our descendants will judge us 200 years from now.

Will this be another “slavery” versus abolition type of issue where everyone thought it was OK to have a slave and it took a war to stop it.

Row versus Wade – is built on the flimsiest of legal arguments, to the embarrassment even of liberals. I suspect so, that if those supporting it changed mind, based on statistical outcome, they could pedal backwards. Presently abortion kills white, protestants predominantly, and we want all those whiteys dead now don’t we.

I don’t think it is legal for one human to end the life of another, especially when the behavior of the first caused that life.

There is a little something called social responsibility. Care for the poor, the sick, and the intrauterine.

Isn’t it wonderful that you can celebrate diversity and kill your firstborn in the great sacrament of progressive liberalism? Sure Is. It’s highly popular. 60 million and counting.

Keep right on killing. It appeals to my death panel natures.

While your at it, how about granny? – could pay for a lot of health care by snuffing her too.

Kill Kill Kill!

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As long as I don’t have to help pay for it, I really don’t care what other people choose to do.

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I’m not sure how I feel about it. I know I’m definitely against late-term abortions. I feel everyone should have a chance to live. But then again, what if bringing a new life into the world takes the life of another? It’s very difficult to take sides.

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It’s none of my business what women choose to do with their own bodies.

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I agree with @AstroChuck. No one likes it. But, I am glad we have the medical technology for women in life threatening situations, or when it’s not something they want.

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@DrMC “Presently abortion kills white, protestants predominantly, and we want all those whiteys dead now don’t we.” wtf???

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It only took 5 responses for the irrational rhetoric to start. Is that a record?

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@cheebdragon when ever government regulated death (democide) kills one ethnic group significantly more than others, I believe that can be considered structured genocide.

Hitler did 6 million Jews, and almost as many Christians, gypsies, and political dissedents.

What a wonderful system we have where the condemned willing line up to get on the trains. 60 million and counting. That’s a 10x yield. Couldn’t get their even with plutonium. Bravo Liberals. Keep it coming. The mass murderers of history applaud you.

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@tinyfaery murder can be well planned and rational. Don’t you think?

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Here we go…

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Don’t believe in abortion? Then don’t have one.

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Wow. That argument just took stupidity to a whole new level, congrats…

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