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What are your thoughts on the iraq war?

Asked by missinghim (45points) February 12th, 2010

So im trying to see in who all agrees with me on this one…Personally i find that we have No absolute reason to be over there…we dont want their country…so what is it that they want?OIL? Or just to deploy such brave and devoted normal men and woman to have them killed or come back all twisted in the head for everything they see over there..It truely breaks my heart to have to watch familys suffer and have to go through something so awful…I know that the military offers employment I do believe if it were to end there would be alot more suffering due to no income health ben. etc but is it worth sacrificing the ones you love for money and wealth?The main reasons for the US invasion of Iraq were to gain control of Iraq’s oilfields (so as to keep the oil in the ground and drive up oil prices), to establish military bases in Iraq from which to dominate the Middle East and eventually (by controlling oil supply) to establish control over all countries dependent on oil….honestly its a crock of shit why these men and woman are really over there..Im clearly not defending these other countries just defending our troops!

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I agree with you. The was is completely stupid. They used Osama as an excuse to kill innocent people for a natural resource. I hate the idea of that war, too much money for nothing.

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Exactly i agree with you 100% my bf is leaving to go over there not that he had a choice or anything he got recalled back to active duty while in the middle of claiming disability but i guess that doesnt matter when it comes to serving our country ugh the thought alone makes me sick…I strongly dislike what our gov. is doing to these innocent people I personally think they should have to go through it first and then make a judgement wether its a fair war or not.

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I think that they went in after WMDs (and with the intent of neutralizing a liability), and got there after most of ‘em had been shipped out. Then they did the courteous thing and stayed to rebuild the government.

Never mind that a)Saddam and his cronies were far from innocent and b) all of the oil in Iraq belongs to the Iraqis.

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The West is drawn militarily to the Middle East by the tide of history, and oil. The Industrialization and the emergence of a middle class in India and China have increased demand on energy, which includes oil. Someone is going to control the oil market. It could be Islamic fanatics, an Arab dictator, the Chinese, the Indians, or the the Western world. The reason Iraq and now Afghanistan are points of engagement is because it puts the squeeze on Iran and separates Pakistan and Iran, leaving Pakistan as an Indian “local” problem-look at the map. WMDs and Sadam Hussein had nothing to do with it. But this is what history has always been about. Why are you surprised?

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yes, no more rhetoric justifying the Iraqi conflict on moral grounds…we all know why the west is obsessed with the region. Fuck it….

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@Nullo – You’ve obviously been brain washed. Ha ha.

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Well, one of us has. Don’t think it’s me, though.
Go on, go look up the parts where we find Saddam’s mass graves, or the accounts of people that he had bathed in acid.

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@Nullo – But why is this America’s business? It isn’t, they just like to mess with things that don’t concern them. So stupid. And by the way, I know more than you think I do about the war since my Dad’s in the military.

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It is -or rather, was – America’s business because the guy was a potential threat. They call it “preemptive” for a reason.
I didn’t think that you knew anything about the war, so there! :P Anyway, what your dad does and what you know aren’t terribly related, and thus your points no more valid. My dad does grant work for a medical school, but that doesn’t give him much in the way of inside knowledge that he could pass on to me.

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