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What's the weridest thing you've ever eaten? What was it, where did it come from and was it good?

Asked by Berserker (33475points) February 12th, 2010

For the record, it doesn’t have to actually be a food. Could have been cardboard or something.
So what’s the strangest thing you’ve ever had, what part of the world (Or where Downtown did you find it haha.) did it come from and did you enjoy it?
I’ve had nautilus before.

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I’d have to say warthog stew. It was nice though!

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Pomegranates ... from the Middle East

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@Just_Justine Warthog is awesome, I tried some on Xmas.

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Sweetbreads, which are the thymus gland of a cow. Breaded and fried. Awesome.

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Probably goat at some Indian restaurant. Which isn’t all that weird. It was like really stringy, gamey, beef.

Or taro at a luau on Maui. It was purple and gross.

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Calamari, which is actually really good. From a restaurant called Madhouse. I’ve also been tricked into eating bear, and it made me almost cry when I realized it wasn’t black forest ham! :(

Rocks (from the sandbox), I used to love the taste of them when I was like 5. They tasted really fresh, and clean (ironic). Kind of reminds me of the taste of that white-frosty stuff that is goes around cans of frozen juice in the freezer. Not sure exactly what it would be called.

Soap. When I was about 5 or 6 my little sister had this Barbie soap that smelled like heaven, I licked it and got sick..

these examples make me sound really weird…

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@PandoraBoxx sweetbread is the thymus gland? How odd, I’ve eaten indian food for 20 years I thought it was made from a type of maize product.

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@Symbeline yeah its like oxtail huh?

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@Just_Justine, it can either be the thymus or the pancreas. The thymus is rounder, whereas the pancreas is flat. I’ve never had the pancreas, just the thymus. Quite delicious, but hard to find. The prep work is apparently quite involved.

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A small, live lizard.

It was on a bet.

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Rat. In Vietnam. Didn’t have to, but curiosity got the best of me. Tasted like chicken! LMAO!

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The weirdest thing I’ve eaten is jellyfish. It was cut into ribbons and served as a salad with cilantro, shaved onions and carrots, cilantro, sesame crisps, peanuts, and some sort of really good vinaigrette. The jellyfish itself was pretty flavorless, but it had a firm, crunchy texture that was yummy in a cold salad. The salad itself was freaking awesome.

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Oops, I mentioned cilantro twice. Um… cilantro is a great ingredient, and totally worth an extra mention. It’s delicious.

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Bull testicles in Colorado.

Some of you might find it strange but it is very normal from where I live, boiled peanuts.

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Chocolate covered grasshoppers….yum! Cover it in chocolate and serve I say! ;)

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@CaptainHarley Doesn’t everything? ;-)

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I once went to a weekend workshop to learn more about primitive skills. We learned things like flintknapping and weaving as well as how to cook in a pit oven that we dug ourselves. You line it with stones, build a fire to get it hot, pile in the meat and stuff, and bury it. Several hours later we had groundhog and muskrat (caught that day), edible roots (dug that day), and, less weird, the forequarter of a deer that someone brought with.

The muskrat and and groundhog were not just stringy, but also gamey. I didn’t find it terribly appealing, but would eat it under the sort of circumstances that would also render me chipping flint tools to live.

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Chitterlings(pig intestines); it is a “favorite” for some of us who live in the South; it will however, stink the house up!

Red dirt; when I was a small child, red dirt was great to eat. With all the pesticides and chemicals now, I wouldn’t try it.

Argo starch- not at all good for you, but we would eat with a spoon, right out the box!

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Um… wellllll, not EVERYthing! LMAO!

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I had some dog Meat! not actual dog but dog meat you feed to a dog! :-/
Winalot Prime I think it was?? Beef Flavour??? I ate the full tin for a bet, It was real nice too! :-/
Now I think about it, this was about the time I started jumping five bar gates, so there were some side affects after all!! :-/

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That sounds real bad!! :-/

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@Scooby- lol! It really isn’t. It is so good. Let me know if you want my recipe.

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Fried alligator at a creole festival in Atlanta. It was delicious. I had octopus at a Chinese buffet in Towson, MD and it was flavorless and rubbery. I grew up eating deer meat of all kinds, which I’m told now, is not common.

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Meatcake.I don’t wanna talk about it anymore:(

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For me it was probably fried caterpillars. Someone brought some to school for us to try. They weren’t bad, tasting a bit like smokehouse almonds. That or the live worm I ate to get an A on a final exam without taking the exam.

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Every time I go to a sushi bar, I ask myself this same question. There are things on the menu that make me question my sanity…but the woman I date likes it, she does the ordering, and I just dig in and go, mmmmmmmmmm…actually I’m quite alarmed, aprehensive, but, but, what pleases her pleases me.
Comes from an old Confucius saying I learned in HighSchool:

“Man who fight with woman in daytime,
Not have piece at night.”

Did I misspell something?

Man I loved those Jr. High, Highschool Confucian parodies. I’d list some more; but all the women on this site would begin picketing me, carrying signs: “Men are Pigs” etc.

OK, I can’t resist, one more:

Woman who fly plane upside down,
Have crackup.

C’mon now, I was in Jr. High, gimme a break.

But why, then, do I still find them amusing? Men are pigs.

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@CaptainHarley LOLLL…yes, this is true. ’-)

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Loves to eat them mousies,
Mousies what I loves to eat.
Bite they little heads off,
Nibble on they tiny feet.

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I’ve eaten my share of lizard, snake and grubs in desert survival school. In Philippines I’ve eaten balut, which is a duck egg with a partially-developed embryo (an acquired taste that I never got used to). I’ve had moose nose and beaver tail in Maine and Alaska, both are delicious. “Rocky Mountain oysters”, fried calf testicles are actually rather good. I’ve had fried locust in northern Kenya (another taste I never acquired). In the tribal regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan, the two highest-regarded guests are served the sheeps eyeballs, just swallow them whole with a swig of black tea (it’s an insult to the host if you refuse).

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Well OK then ;-)
I pride myself on the fact I’ll try almost anything at least once, even if it’s not a bet….. I’d really like to try your recipe If you would be so kind, I’ll give it a whirl…. :-)

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A squid eye. It was part of a school visit to Catalina island, and we were given these squids to take the ink out of and draw pictures with (looking back on it, it’s not exactly the type of thing I’d do now). The people there said it was ok to eat the eyes if we wanted to. I tried it… kind of tasted like fingernail.

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@Scooby- i’ll pm you; the key is preparation of cleaning the intestines first, so you you will need a strong stomach and the inability to smell(~)! They are funky!!

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I had Shark once and it was sex!

by sex I mean extremely delicious

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I had racoon before. I was tricked in to eating it. It was ok but I won’t do it again. Also when I was little, my family went down to Texas, and I tried to eat a massive coch roach. I don’t know what the hell was wrong with me, but I will never do it again.

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Excellent!! Looking forward to it, I have pegs at the ready for my nose, Lol.. :-/
Thank ya so much :-) I think! Lol…

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land I’m afraid I’d have to insult the host, then. Haaa.

Man, some of these things are NASTY, folks! Bah!

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@shego Raccoon?? Oh god haha. O_O

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oh, I forgot. Sheep Testicles, Cow brain and Tongue taste FANTASTIC

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I’ve had stray tire before.

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I like to put potato crisps on hamburgers. Yeah, that’s mild compared so some of the answers above.

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I like french fries with Jelly. I don’t know if that’s weird but it might be unusual to some.

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@Symbeline How do you prepare stray tire? Saute? Au Gratin?

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land Fried, with a side dish of boiled shopping cart. XD

@Tenpinmaster Wow that sounds weird. But surprisngly appealing. I think I might try that today. do spice and twirly Macain fries work?

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@Symbeline :) well glad to give u a good idea! lol

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I was in China visiting some distant relatives , and we were having steamboat together . And then one of them puts something slimy on my plate , and it is rude not to eat anything that is offered to you . So I put it into my mouth and I asked my mom what was that , and she said . . .

“Pig’s brains .”

And I had crocodile meat last week , didn’t feel too well after eating it . Apparently it is supposed to be good for people who are asthmatic .

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Tripe soup (beef stomach soup). It was revolting. I love experimenting with food but that was not one of the finest cuisine that I have eaten. I want to try rattlesnake next.

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