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What is one thing that people Do/Say that make you mad??

Asked by cheesepie (26points) March 3rd, 2008

uh, there are like 5 things that i can think of that make me mad

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be decidedly ignorant

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hmm. I don’t like closed minded people (liberal and conservative) and I’m sick of people claiming to be open-minded will say, in the same breath, “oh x person is stupid because they don’t agree with me and they need to be reformed.”

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When in the middle of talking they break in to say something totally off topic and/or stupid.

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All above plus when you talk to sby whose not listening when spoken to and pretending they do.

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@ Riser
You sir, are a hypocrit. You are representing the very ideas that you are dissing

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human nature and perspective. Perhaps its something no one can escape.

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I really hate when you are in an argument with someone and you think its finished but they go off and write blogs or set a status directed to you.

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that they hate fat people for various reasons. Haters…

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I hate when people ask stupid questions it drives me crazy. I also hate when I’m in an argument with someone and I try to be civilized and they go completely insane, cursing and yelling, it just makes that person look like an idiot anyway

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I hate when people do something really well and then they brag about it to the point that is is just arrogant, but then when they do bad at that same thing they say they weren’t even trying, or they make it out to seem like they don’t care

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When someone says that only idiots are in that party, or would vote for that person.

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