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Best possible Anti-virus program?

Asked by anon30 (334points) February 13th, 2010

Today I bought a windows 7, and I really love it, so I want to take care of it.

Avast was good for my other computer, (Vista). But since Their new update, using License Files. I can’t find a key for the pro one anymore, but is the basic, free program good enough?

Or Is their another good program?

AVG Last time, on my vista it didn’t update or scan shit!!!!

so anything else thats good for me?

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avast! it updates frequently and is completely, 100% awesome!

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Everyone has their own preference.
AVG will scan and update. If it didn’t, you disabled it.
see this image for reference.

Avast works fine, I personally found it a bit awkward. I use AVG. There are many others out there.

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There’s no such thing. The proprietary “Geek Squad” boot disk runs 6 or 7 anti-virus scanners sequentially, because what one misses, another may catch.

Microsoft Security Essentials is free, works well with 7, and is their first decent engine. You might also want to have SpyBot, AdAware and Spyware Doctor on your computer. All free, all useful.

There’s nothing wrong with AVG. I tend to avoid Symantec and McAffee, as I think they are a form of virus themselves, meant to provide a steady stream of profits more than to protect your computer.

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Best possible Anti-virus is just uninstalling Microsoft Windows and using Linux or Mac systems.
If your data is important those operating systems are safe enough and they dont even need a program to solve security holes anti-virus program.

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My computer care taker put Avira on here. It works great. Scans every day, does updates & tells me what they are. I’m totally happy with it.

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I got a particularly nasty virus while using McAffee, so I would advise against it. I now use Webroot, which is doing a fantastic job. I would highly recommend it.

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I use avast.It’s free and it’s worked so far :)

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Webroot Antivirus w/ SpySweeper

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Option #1: Get a Mac

Option #2: avast!

AVG slowed my computer sooo much, and I’m using a pretty high end pc

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That’s silly. Macs have heir own set of problems, and avast, while fine, is no more foolproof than anything else. It just doesn’t work that way. Prevention is best: always update Windows. Always. Automatically. Don’t even think about it. And watch where you surf, and watch what you download, and watch what you click on.

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I’ve been hearing good things about Vipre. From what I hear it’s less of a CPU hog than the others…Norton being the worst CPU hog. It seems that these days, your choices are either to succumb to viruses, ot let your computer become sluggish from your virus scanner…a lose-lose scenario :-(

As @dpworkin said, if you have Win 7, then get MS Security Essentials. It’s free and is as good as any.

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Avira and Avast! top my list for Windows anti-viral needs. Not only are they two of the most effective AV programs and any price, they have the advantage of being free. (The AV part is free at least; the full security suite is pay-ware.)

AVG is ineffective and a resource hog as well, so avoid it like syphilis.

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