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Was Sarah Palin's palm reading an accidental gaffe or a deliberate ploy?

Asked by ETpro (34505points) February 13th, 2010

So, you think Sarah Palin is embarrassed by the crib-notes-on-the-palm incident? This woman, like national candidates of both parties, doesn’t draw a breath without a team of political and image consultants vetting her choices. Was it all a setup to position her as the down-home alternative to everything the tea baggers hate? Read what Alec Baldwin thinks. Is he right, or way off base?

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The only thing I question about that analysis is her attack on Obama for using a TelePrompter. This seems not to fit in very well with that. But, it does make a certain kind of sense. She’s no dope, no matter how much Dems wish she were.

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How many facts can you get on one hand? Surely she could just remember them few facts.

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I have no idea if she is embarrassed or not but I am sure she did that because a teleprompter is way too heavy to strap to one’s palm ;)))))

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It’s certainly plausible, but the article also reminds me why I don’t like reading HuffPo. It’s as much of a cheerleading rag as anything else that passes for propaganda journalism these days.

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Like Reagan in some ways (remember the teflon man), I think the people who love her, adore her and it is quite likely that much of what she does is playing to them deliberately. In times of change in this country, there has always been a backlash against it and she plays very well as the “anti-politician.” Whether she’ll have any legs besides those she obviously already has, still remains to be seen. But she is the scary face right now of much that is ugly in our society.

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She’s an accidental gaffe all by herself.

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Why are we still talking about this blithering idiot? Hasn’t she gone away by now?

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shush, calm down, give her the cold shoulder, ignore the brat, that would be like a bucket of water over the wicked witch of the west…

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@BoBo1946 laughed so hard I cried. Where did you find that?

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Neither. It’s in the same family as note cards and Barry’s teleprompters.

@BoBo1946 I preferred this one:
Barack’s note-reading setup vs.
Sarah’s note-reading setup

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They’re key talking points, most likely in a kind of shorthand. You use them like a map when the interviewer has lead you off on a tangent.

I honestly don’t see what all the fuss is about.

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I absolutely agree with Baldwin:

“This woman, like national candidates of both parties, doesn’t draw a breath without a team of political and image consultants vetting her choices. Wardrobe, hair, make-up, speaking style, text, context. This woman hasn’t moved a muscle spontaneously since she was selected as McCain’s running mate.”

“We may struggle for the remainder of our history to solve those problems and we may come up short. But we are doomed to failure if we choose another incurious, phony populist who pulls off some bad Will Rogers moves and calls that a presidency.”

Here! Here!

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Couldn’t she just try and remember the points? I’ve never seen anyone else do this before, but meh.

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I dunno ‘bout you, but I’ll use Mapquest when going someplace that I know but feel uncertain about how to get there.
For instance, I know more or less where City Hall is over in The City (I’m in the ‘burbs), but if I ever want to get there on time, I Mapquest me some directions.

Sarah probably did memorize the points. But it never hurts to take precautions, does it?

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It’s not that bad. I don;t think Obama using a telepromter is that bad as well, who cares?

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Normally I’d say it was just a dumb mistake that politicians sometimes make—Occam’s razor & all that. But Palin is full of surprises, and what’s most telling to me is the interview where she is plainly—not surreptitiously—looking down at her palm in so unabashed a manner that it must be a setup.

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Eh, some people like to bash note-reading more than others.
My non-political beef is with the White House’s press office. They spent a good 8–10 months tripping over their feet.

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@Nullo I guess we all show our pre-conceived notions and prejudices in our responses. :-)

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I don’t like the woman at all however I applaud her attempt to use and review notes. I think more politicians should use notes, she may not be the brightest bulb in the store however it’s not a really bright store to begin with.

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@vincentcent googled it….there was some more funny one! Glad you enjoyed it!

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@Nullo Proof positive that to those who are amenable to her message, she can do no wrong.

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@Nullo got’cha…but, even with all that backup, Sarah just has not got it….nice lady etc., but she is out of her league. Hate to think she would have to pick up the “red phone” in the middle of the night!

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Is no such thing. There are plenty of interviews that she’s done that make me wince.
I’m just saying that everything that she does is blown out of proportion by a media and a public that doesn’t like her.

Honestly, explain to me how writing talking points on your hand is a bad thing?

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@Nullo It seems pretty tacky to me in comparison to just using a teleprompter like most public speakers and television personalities do when they have a long speech to deliver. Even Ronald Reagan, a seasoned actor, did so. What was particularly noisome about Palin’s notes was that they were supposedly her core principles. How core are they when you need crib notes on your palm to remember your most fundamental beliefs. To me, they just expose her as a fraud, a silver-tongued devil feeding a gullible audience what they want to hear.

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It’s wrong to read from a teleprompter but scribbling notes on your hand is acceptable up there in Palinton.

All in all, whether you read from a teleprompter or from your bodynotes, it’s a person’s actions that define character more than the words they speak.

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