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I've got a top of the range gaming PC and am considering selling it - best route?

Asked by Sparkie510 (397points) February 13th, 2010 from iPhone

I’ve looked on eBay but couldn’t see anything similar and don’t think it’ll sell for what it’s worth. Was bought for £2,500 about 18 months ago.

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You might about ½ that if you get lucky and find someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing. 18 months is a Century in Tech Time.

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you can try just spreading the word around, craigslist, ebay, amazon.

and as @dpworkin working said try for half the price…or maybe a little higher than half and work your way down through negociating. who know’s, you might find someone that will pay more than half that doesnt know too much about computers.

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Ya no way you’ll see it for full price. I just had a buddy do the same thing. He’s a huge tech guy and probably put well over $3500 with monitor and rig. He ended up selling all of it for under $1000. You just dont seem to get your money back in that kind of investment.

But I would ask friends, so facebook, twitter, fluther, and craigslist. Good luck.

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Your two best chances for getting relatively decent money:
1) Sell it to a friend/acquaintance
2) Part it out. That is to say, take it apart and sell the pieces individually.

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I have my buddy’s old “top of the line” gaming rig. I cost him about $2500 and I picked it up for $50 (tower only, no drives) three years later. I got another 3-year-old AMD system for $220. For something only half that age, you will likely see a better return than that, but it shows you how quickly the value drops.

I think @Sarcasm has a point that it may be worth more as parts, but bear in mind that the sort of person who assembles their own PC in the first place (in other words, people who actually buy parts) either want something better than last year’s model or are looking for a bargain. Between that and the fact that you’ll have a hard time selling all of the parts that way, you’ll be quite lucky to see £1000.

BTW, what do you think it’s worth? Not how much you paid, but an honest estimate of it’s current value.

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