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How come my computer will have it's moments when it's unbelievably slow?

Asked by Hydrogenbond (365points) February 13th, 2010

Most of the time I can run multiple windows and programs at once, but there will be other times like today, where I’ll have one window open (or not even that) and it will be slow enough that it takes 2–3 minutes to open up the volume control on the toolbar.

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Usually it’s because some process is using 100% of the CPU cycles, or you are flailing to disk because your swap file is too small. Use Process Manager to check IO next time that happens.

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I have the same problem; usually rebooting helps but is a pain. Running defrag helps some. Where is “Process Manager”?

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On Windows it’s <Ctrl> <Shift> <Esc>

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@dpworkin that’s <del> on the last one there.

If you’re using windows it’s usually due to lack of CPU speed + available memory. I often refer to this site in terms of disabling services that the usual home user wouldn’t utilize that consume usable memory. Make sure you read every one and make sure you don’t need that service, before disabling. If you’re not sure what one does or is, it’s probably best to leave it at default.

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<esc> You don’t want the screen, you just want the applet.

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@dpworkin interesting, but they other way doesn’t give you “the screen” anyways. Well, not anymore.

Also, that other site might I recommended might be a little more confusing that this one. It’s a little better at explaining what services do what.

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Try <Ctrl> <Alt> <Del>, you’ll see what I mean. In Win 7, anyway.

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@Axemusica I’m on vista (which I very much dislike) and I have it dumbed down due to all the resources it gobbles up, lol. Screen shot? I’ve never even seen 7 and have no idea.

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Does that one window happen to have Flash in it (and be Firefox)?

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It’s busy doing other things. Treat it like you would treat an irrational woman. Step back. Do not react. Let it finish. Then go on about your business.

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It is Firefox, and when it’s happening I could be on Fluther.

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