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Why does MSN stop working sometimes? When I try to access my favorites.

Asked by philosopher (9152points) February 13th, 2010

I have many cites stored in my MSN favorites and this is annoying.
Can any help me fix this ?

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Are you sure it’s MSN?

I’ve had a similar problem all week. It stopped when I deactivated several anti-virus tools that were interfering with my internet connection.

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Maybe it requires you to download the latest version, which needs to be done like every three days.

They’re really annoying with that.

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They are always updating me.
LOL every time I attempt to shut this thing down. I get the message not to; because updates are being installed.
Since Verizon just increased my bill maybe I’ll change. I am getting tried of all the endless negoitations with them.
I get duplicate email on MSN and Verizon since I installed Window 7. Mircosoft says, it is a Verizon problem; and of course the jerks at Verizon techinal blame Mircosoft.
I pay for help from people that are less skilled than my Husband.
Thank you for your respone symbeline and SABOTEUR.

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You’re very welcome. Hope your problem is resolved soon.

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