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Web designers: is Dreamweaver CS4 worth it?

Asked by Qingu (21165points) February 13th, 2010

I’m getting fairly good at CSS and I’m contemplating buying Dreamweaver CS4 at a student discount. Is this program worth it? How much time does it actually save? Do pro web designers consider it “cheating”?

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It’s definitely an easy way, but it’s kind of limited in terms of building an unconventional site. e.g. in terms of tables and java. I think it is a good thing to use as a base and then build off of. What do I know though? I usually just write out the code myself and I even have it. I guess if you already know how to write the code, trying to learn to use a program properly seems like kind of a hassle. Since I really never used the program and wouldn’t know where to begin. I’m just speaking in terms of watching a friend use it a couple times.

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I think if there is such a thing as pro web designers, they would try to stay as far away as possible from Dreamweaver :) There are free programs that, provided you don’t have to rely on the drag and drop functionality of Dreamweaver, do a great if not better job than Dreamweaver.

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Well, no matter what you should always get a trial version. Adobe are pretty good at that, just download and try out CS4 in all its glory before you buy. All the advice in the world still won’t compare to personal experience.

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i used it every day, great for mass producing every day stuff.

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Oh, trial version! Delightful. Thank you, all!

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Get pspad, its free.

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