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How old would you have to be in order to go on volunteering trips overseas?

Asked by FlyingElephantWithGiganticEars (59points) February 13th, 2010

Hi, I’m just really interested in going overseas to volunteer. A speaker I met went to India when she was 16 with her best friend and the Free The Children organization, and says it’s quite safe. How old do you think one should be to go overseas alone? (obviously alone meaning with an organization like Free The Children)

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Here‘s a list of a ton of volunteering programs that involve traveling abroad. The youngest age limit I saw was 17, but then again, it is a huge list and I may have missed it.

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It depends. Everyone matures at a different rate. I went at 22 for the first time, but would have gone much younger if I could have afforded it. You want to be able to actually contribute something to wherever you go. Therefore, you need to be skilled in something. Developing countries typically have excellent trades people so bringing another skill would be more valuable, I think. Probably 20’s and up would be a good, general rule of thumb. For those that are younger, it could be a tremendous learning experience for yourself which is also valuable in a different way.

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this depends on the person. i began going over seas without my parents at age 14 for study and volunteer and i was just fine. mind you, there was alot of pressure to do stuff because the people around me was 18 or older, but i knew what i believed in so that never caused me any problems.

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Thanks everyone, and @sillymichelleyoung , isn’t it difficult to go at 14? I mean, I’m almost 14 now and I really want to experience how it is to volunteer and help people that are less fortunate than me. I might not be a huge help to them, but I’m sure it’s the thought that counts right? And were there any ways you persuaded your parents to let you go at that age if you don’t mind me asking because my parents are supportive but still worried. :)

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I heard that it was 18 years or so but who knows. I want to do it too

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My nephew’s first went with their dad and mom when they were in 1st and 3rd grades. They were in Ghana for 14 months. The eldest has since been to South America, India and Europe on his own.

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