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How do I watch the Olympics online LIVE?

Asked by Iclamae (2409points) February 13th, 2010

Everyone has clips and videos but they always chop them up oddly and I’d prefer to watch it live. Googling an answer has not helped me. Do you guys know where I can watch events live?

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njnyjobs's avatar has a schedule of live streaming video on the website. It will require your PC to have the latest Microsoft Silverlight.

Check line-up here

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See I tried that but it looked like it required information on your current cable tv connection.

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oh, so you want something freebie…? Uhmm tough luck, watch it on TV instead.

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you can access most events in HD fo free at, i watched the opening ceremonies on there yesterday! i don’t know if it’ll work if you’re in the states though

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You only have to give that information if you want to see the live TV schedule.

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@njnyjobs the olympics are actually broadcast on basic tv for free too. I just don’t have an antenna.

@Ivan @mclaugh thanks, I’ll try both (nbc again) and see if they work.

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@Ivan Okay, I went to the Live Stream/Replays section. It asked me for my cable information but I actually don’t have cable TV. Hence this entire problem. Well I entered the provider for my Internet instead and it didn’t work because you have to log in to your account and pay for cable TV.

@mclaugh I tried that but I didn’t have the lastest stuff to do it. So I downloaded microsoft silverlight and the newest flash plugins but the video has an error that the site can’t tell me how to fix. I don’t suppose you had something similar?

So I ask the question again, does anyone know of other options or ways to fix these?

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I had another idea. I haven’t tried it yet, but try

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Just to clarify, the website is

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yes, i had to download silverlight, but it worked perfectly for me after that…sorry i can’t be of more help :(

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