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Do you get your mother a valentine's gift?

Asked by dr34m3r (308points) February 13th, 2010

i’m debating on it. i’m short on cash though.

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If she were still around,I would take her to lunch at the art museum :)

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Nope. I just call and tell her I love her.

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I got her a card and some bubble gum.

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Valentines is for lovers, not mothers. Mother’s Day is for mothers. Creepy.

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I’m with @faye on this. . .

@dr34m3r , just give her a call to let her know she is remembered.

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im just saying.

she kept bugging me on where i went.

she probably just wants to know what i got my lover

she got my sister a valentine’s gift, so thats why i think i should get her a gift i dunno.

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@dr34m3r that’s her prerogative…. do not feel obligated to gat agift for her . . . let her wait until Mother’s Day.

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I send my parents a card and call them. Valentine’s day is for people you love, from friends to lovers to children to relatives. The way you show the type of love you feel for them is the difference.

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Absolutely. If you’re Norman Bates

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I just read another article about valentine’s day. A priest named Valentine married young lovers secretly. Lovers.

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why not, if you feel like it DO IT,,, and if you short on cash bake her a cake or something :)

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So much societal pressure to judge and be judged by whether or not you got someone a gift! Rebel against the capitalist pressure! Say “I love you Mom” instead.

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Unfortunately I am not able to do as she has died.

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I don’t even get my boyfriend a Valentines gift so I certainlyu don’t get my mother one!

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Why would anyone get their parents anything for Valentines day? Valentines day is for s/o’s, it’s like getting my boyfriend something for Fathers day.

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