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Where can I apply to become a night shift security guard in Minneapolis?

Asked by sunyata_rakshasa (350points) February 13th, 2010

I came to the realization that a night shift security job would be ideal for me at this point in my life.

I am inexperienced yet very highly capable. I learn extraordinarily quickly and have the ability and knowledge to handle most any situation that should arise in a security job.

Where should I start looking?

Are there any temp agencies in the city that cater to this and like professions?

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Not having any experience is going to hold you back from a decent security job. best bet is to check the yellow pages of the phonebook and start calling. ask what their requirements are and see if you qualify. to qualify, you must meet certain criteria, like a clean background check and no outstanding warrants. you can understand why. in order to be an armed securtiy guard, the requirements are much stricter and you have to take certain courses with your state in firearms training. wanting to be a security guard and meeting the requirements of the job are two entirely different subjects. good luck. you are going to have a difficult time ahead of you.

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well i obviously didn’t expect to get a top shelf position no experience…but how the fuck do people get experience in the feild without starting at an entry level unarmed guard…

other than that i have a perfect record…only one arrest when i was a kid…and on false pretenses…i was released within the hour due to a confession from the guilty parties…

any how…thanks to the both of you any how

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Both my sons, a daughter in law and a grandson have all worked as security guards. They started part-time with a reputable company like Pinkerton Agency.

You might get some ideas where to start from this excellent wikipedia article.

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Sunyata, my answer was not to deter your wish to be a security guard. if this is your wish in life, then go for it. i understand your comment of “no experience”. we all have to start somehwere. i would apply for a reputable security firm on a part-time basis. this would be like a training period for you and the company will watch your performance for possibly a full-time position. i was a green disc jockey back in the 60s and like you, i had no experience. a country radio station, in a very small town, hired me part-time to open their new FM station. that experience developed into something really bigger down the road for me. so see, you are not alone. i wish you the best of luck and never give up. john

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