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Hey Ladies, do you enjoy (get off) watching men wrestle?

Asked by RealEyesRealizeRealLies (30877points) February 13th, 2010

Come on admit it. There’s something sexy barbaric about watching (in person) two sweaty shirtless dudes grapple each other. Don’t you fantasize that the winner will have you?

It’s no different than guys enjoying watching two hot girls mud wrestle… is it?

BTW… I am quite heterosexual, but I’d still rather watch men wrestle each other than women wrestle one another. I personally don’t have any lesbian fantasies, but I do appreciate the ancient arts of combat.

Ladies, tell the truth… could you get off by attending a live cage fight? It’s very passionate with the roaring crowd all around you, like going back to ancient Rome…but without the blades and killing.

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I can’t even stand to watch wrestling. It’s like the worst soap opera ever. Those men are not very manly.. just cheesy

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Are you talking about the WWF like Hulk Hogan and those freaks? I don’t consider costumed clowns very manly either. But what about just a good old fashioned country mud brawl with real people… Not something based in anger or showmanship, but a good clean honest fight that requires real skill.

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I find it when anyone wrestles, it is my duty to analyse the chosen techniques, the execution, the finesse, the strength of the two wrestlers, the muscle tone, speed, coordination, dexterity, and other things.

I just don’t have the time to be fantasizing about such things, whether the wrestlers be male or female.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies yes, that is what I was talking about. Real wrestling, honestly, looks very, um.. man on man..

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Are you male or female?


So… does “man on man” do anything for you?

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Men have always had their ritualistic “rights of passage”. Many of them are extremely physical. It seems so natural to me.

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Argh, I had to rewrite my answer so many times because I couldn’t help making sword jokes.

Anyway, if men are going to impress me by fighting, they must be swashbuckling and intersperse their attacks with witty insults in a charming Spanish accent.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies no, but I have found out from fluther, that some women do enjoy man on man. I had no idea.

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Uh, not at all. I can appreciate the strength and technique one needs in this sport, but it doesn’t pique my interest all that much, and I certainly would not get off on watching a guy writhe around on the floor with another dude. I’m not saying that it would come off as homoerotic—just that it wouldn’t come off as sexy to me. It would not turn me on. If it were me writhing around on the floor with a wrestler, however…..that would be another story.

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Some of them are pretty hot, like Steve Austen or Triple H, so I don’t like seeing them bust one another up haha.

Even if they do it with cinder blocks that are actually made out of foam.

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@Symbeline you know who I think is hot, is John Sena, even though he is not my type

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Pas de tout.

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No, I can honestly say I do not get off on men wrestling/fighting/beating the shit out of each other for sport. I’m not really into overly macho men though, I like my men to be manly without having to fight in order to prove themselves.

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No, not at all.

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I don’t watch “pro” wrestling because it seems too fake to me. I do, from time to time, watch MMA. I don’t know what that says about me, that I’d rather watch a “real” fight, than what passes for wrestling. Hmmm.

Anyway, I find the men of MMA/UFC to be more attractive – many of them (not all) are not overly bulked up. I don’t like the hulking steroid look. I’d much rather watch someone like this guy in a fight than most wrestlers.

So, to answer your question – would I get off by watching a live cage fight? Yes, I probably would.

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Um.. No. I gross out on big bulging shoulder and neck muscles, and I prefer cerebral capabilities in a man. Men hitting each other or saying the ridiculous scripted nonsense that passes for entertainment interests me not at all. I also prefer a wiry looking guy to the incredible hulk. But since you brought it up…
I see the commercials for that silliness all the time and the guy who is in charge, or whatever, has captured my attention for another reason. He seems to have had his head shrunken, and lots of stuffing/padding put into his clothes. Am I imagining things? His head looks really tiny atop disproportionately large shoulders. I’ve noticed it on several commercials now. They all seem to indicate that he’s sick, and they must have a small make up/wardrobe budget. Either that or they are trying deliberately to make him look weird. I wish I had paid attention enough to know his name.

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Ladies, I had no intentions of promoting the popular tv drama costumed steroid loud mouth wrestlers as any form of erotic. If that’s how my comments were taken, I sincerely apologize.

Maybe you gals aren’t into it enough to really tell the difference between Hulk Hogan and Royce Gracie. But that’s understandable if you’re not into it. I don’t know the difference between jewelry from Tiffany’s and Target… I’m just not into it.

Yes, you get it with your link to this guy. There is a great deal of training, steroid free fitness, and tremendous skill that he has built his life around. Sitting up close watching a live cage fight can be very stimulating. The swarthy roar of a large crowd praising a true gladiator’s spilled blood is not easily brushed aside. I’ve found it has an effect on people, and the women I know who follow this stuff are very aroused by the sport.


Ladies, perhaps a better (more palatable) example would be Brad Pitt in Fight Club. Yes, I know it’s Hollywood, but believe it or not, this stuff goes on in real life too. Is there nothing you find erotic about such brutish behaviors in men?

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Nope. It doesn’t make any difference to me if it’s Hulk Hogan style wrestling or not. Meeting one of those skilled athletes and finding out he’s well educated and bright and funny and compassionate might do it for me, but the actual act of wrestling? Not so much.

“It’s no different than guys enjoying watching two hot girls mud wrestle… is it?”- Men are usually more visual than women, so I think it is.

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OK understood, not your cup of tea. But everything has it’s degrees of acceptance, so let’s back it up and try something more harmless and mild. How would you feel about two dudes arm wrestling in a bar? Or even milder, what about a Father wrestling with his young Son?

My point is, that this is very natural behavior in men. It has been since the beginning of time. It therefor must serve some purpose to our species… something about it must benefit society in some strange way. If it wasn’t attractive to women, what then could be a reason that physical combat contests have been with us so long?

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies Because back before the advent of the wheel, when we were still hunter/gatherers, a man was judged by his ability to provide food and safety for himself, his mate, and any children they might have. So this was a desireable trait, as a woman looked to a man to provide those things for her. And while she might bemoan the lack of sensetivity to her needs while the act of lovemaking was in progress, or the lack of a cuddle and sweet words during the gentle glow afterward, she was at least able to survive and perpetuate the species, giving us the chance to be a little more picky. Let all of us discerning females therefore, here take a moment to give silent thanks to those females who have gone before us and have put up with the insufferable he-man crap so that we, today, have the liberty, nay; the luxury to be a bit more choosy! Here’s to you, nana hunter/gather, we salute you. “Ugggg, ugug ogg!”

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I admire the skill behind the fighting in things like the UFC, but there’s nothing at all sexy, to me, about a man beating up another man, especially just for fun. The technicality of it all is very interesting, because they do a lot of things that take many years to learn, and it definitely takes skill. However, at the end of the day, I still realize that they simply learned to beat each other up in a different way. As Trillian pointed out, we aren’t cavemen anymore.

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@DrasticDreamer Word. What’s so sexy about a whole buncha blood and bruises anyway.

Unless j00 some kinda freek

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No. I’d rather see a man and his guitar. now that’s sexy!

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Lumberjacks are sexy, too. See Monty Python.

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@janbb – Knights too. Plus they’re really tough. ‘Tis but a scratch…

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@janbb I like the ones who sleep all night and work all day. They’re ok. @LunaChick Gotta love the kniggits. Especially the one who display knee-bent, running about, advancing type behaviour. ;-)

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