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At what age do kids start using the internet today?

Asked by jackm (6200points) February 14th, 2010

Do you think the internet has been a big influence on kids these days? How young is too young to start using the internet?

What do you think is a good age to start?

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As young as the parents will allow their children to start experimenting on computers. Let’s hope those parental controls are set.

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I guess it depends on how tech savvy the parents are and how often they use computers. As children mimic their parents, they usually start being able to use computers anywhere from 4–6. I know a few relatives that are calling me on skype and they’re only 6 or 7.

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^ that, or maybe around 5 – 6, they would need the internet to study for school, so thats how they would start out.

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If they have an older sibling, then probably about three or four, being shown games. As for actually controlling what they do on the web, I would say about six or seven they start playing games and stuff, eight years old they would start watching Youtube and things like that, nine and up they would surf the web.

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It appears my answer just got proved wrong. Apparently, a question was just asked by a 3rd grader here on Fluther.

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With things like Webkinz and Build-A-Bear animals that you can “Bring to life online and play with your friends!”, that I know kids who are 6 or 7 have, I would say around 4 or 5…

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My grandson is 2½. We recently got him a child size mouse so he can play his games easier. He knows how to find SPROUT and PBSKIDS on the drop down menu, and how to find his favorite things, such as videos, dot to dot, numbers, matching, reading and spelling games. I will introduce him to DISNEY when he gets his own hand-me-down laptop from Great-Grandpa who passed away last month.

He also knows how to load and play CD’s so he can sit and watch movies of his choice. And yes, he plays outside for hours, since I had fences installed in the front yard and around the pool in the back.

This is his Daddy in 1980. So you can see, he’s a second generation user.

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@YARNLADY damn you have a smart kid.

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