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If killing someone the first time sends them to an afterlife, where would killing their afterliving being send them?

Asked by EgaoNoGenki (1155points) February 14th, 2010

Foreword: I tapped the question & details onto my phone between reading magazines at HyVee this morning.

(ATTENTION: Players of Diablo II and Dante’s Inferno!)

If you’ve ever played Diablo II & Dante’s Inferno, you would have killed demons already in their unpleasant afterlives.

So the question from that is: Where do their spirits go when they’re killed the second time while already being in an afterlife?

I personally would hope that their slates get clean and they get reincarnated to a mortal life somewhere, or the Hell-cleansing soldier “put them out of their misery” by sending them off to Heaven from the Hell in which they fought.

Sure, some may argue that they just “cease to be,” but Einstein once said that when one form of energy “dies”/gets consumed, it converts into another form; it never truly disappears.

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