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Are there more Girls or Guys on earth?

Asked by burner911 (65points) March 3rd, 2008
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After some number crunching at the CIA factbook..

Male: 3,323,608,139
Female: 3,278,616,036

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females slightly edge out men in the world and in the USA

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females. Giggity giggity

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females. I think its because of girls being easier grow inside a woman and the viability of egg and sperm quality. Everyone actually starts out as girls in utero.

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girls because men get killed at war

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Women live longer, and
Fewer women die recklessly

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Women: 1950: 1,268,986; 2007: 3,310,484
Men: 1950: 1,266,107; 2007: 3,360,743


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actual figures, e.g. given by @johnpowell, show that men now outnumber women (quite unlike 1950, when women outnumbered men (BTW, I should have said in the above post, these figures are 000’s). That could not be good, could it?

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