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Are you confident the person you're involved with wouldn't leave you if the money ran out?

Asked by Captain_Fantasy (11431points) February 14th, 2010

Money disputes are amongst the most common reasons people get divorced.

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Well, since we got together…he had a job, I didn’t, then he got laid off, I stayed…then I had a baby and neither of us worked, we stayed…now I work, he stays at home, so none of this really matters to us…

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Nope, because I’m not involved with anyone :[

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Yes. My husband had a job making a lot of money and got laid off. He got another good job, got laid off. Now he’s going to school to get a job that hopefully he won’t get laid off from. We’ve been thru some very hard financial times thru the last 3½ years, but we are still together and love each other as much as ever.

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No, but only because it would take a tremendous amount of pure laziness to reach that point.

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Cops are not paid much money. when our money ran out, years ago, i did not leave and she did not leave. thats not what being together is about. its about the love for each other. this also included the bad times as well as the good times. you share together whatever comes down the highway. money is not what keeps a couple together. its the love and respect for each other, no matter what happens.

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no but it would be a bad bad thing if the money ran out. hope it never happens

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I don’t date those persons any longer. If I accidentally found myself with one, then I would run out before the cash did.

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The money has long ago run out, for each of us. So we are poor, but happy. I have been wealthy and miserable. I’d choose what I’ve got now.

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Yes, I am confident. We have gone through some tough economic times, and we didn’t break up.

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The money had run out long before we met.

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He’s still here and theres no money, so I’m feeling confident.

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We had no money when we met. She would never leave me if we again had no money

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Yes, I dont have a job now after all :) darn high-school :p

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Yes I am confident. Money was in very short supply when we met, but we got through those times, and we are still together after many happy years.

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Money can create numbness…lack of cash can create strife and raw nerves. Finding balance is where it is at.

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Yes. It’s surely not money that interests them in me and I’ve made it pretty clear it’s not money that interests me in them. If they run out on me, it’ll be over something else.

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When we started our time together when didn’t have a pot to piss in. We worked together to build what we have. Money comes and goes, love and friendship lasts.

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Of course not. She would be gone in a flash.

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@NaturalMineralWater Laziness has nothing to do with it.

I’m very confident that my spouse would not leave me because of lack of money. We’ve been through extremely hard times financially, and whenever something happens we know that sticking together and working together is the best thing and makes us stronger.

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Yes. Our money ran out a long time ago and we’re still together. Actually, we’ve never really had a great deal of money. I think it makes our marriage stronger in some ways. like @casheroo said.

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If it ran out, we’d face it together. What other option is there?

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Absolutely, I was made redundant so therefore my money did run out, and he hasn’t left me. We never got together for financial reasons!

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@casheroo I answered for my situation. Congratulations on yours.

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It is ridiculous, the things we have gone through together. The hard times had the reverse effect on us; it brought us very close in a way that would have normally taken years. Money is tied to everything, so naturally, we don’t have any. Money is the stupidest reason in the world to get a divorce. The Blame Game should be given up around the same time thumb-sucking is abandoned.

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He wouldn’t leave because he’d be so depressed and comatose that leaving would be too much of an effort. lol You could light a match near his nose and he wouldn’t even blink.

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