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No Money? No Sex? No Love? Which is the biggest reason she/he would leave?

Asked by RealEyesRealizeRealLies (30938points) February 14th, 2010

In this question,

Money is defined as stress free Creature Comfort.

Sex is defined as Physical and Emotional Passion.

Love is defined as the Caring Giving Time with the SO.

What’s the biggest reason to be left in the dust?

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According to the Stones, No Satisfaction ~ gratification, pleasure or contentment.

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A mix of them all, love is most important though.

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I think out of all it if would be love. But hand in hand with love you also need two other things that are not mentioned which are, “trust & faithfulness”. When those two things are broken then love is harder.

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A disconnect of the minds. Once you loose that connection of common ground of what is important in the relationship and the ability to communicate…you should be ready for a change.

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I’m not saying she’s a gold digger…

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A relationship without love is by definition a one doomed to failure.

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Not believing in love professed if it’s not also backed by physical and emotional passion.

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Being mean and disrespectful. You are saying the lack of one of these things, but I think it is what happens aside from these things. You can have all of these three and if he/she is mean (name calling, everything you do is wrong, never encouraging); or disrespectful (which includes not respecting money, spending it wildly and getting into debt); or create more work for the other person (leaving a mess all over the house, having to wait on them hand and foot) then why stay. You can live as “roomates” for years, maybe forever, if there is not some horrible negative.

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It’s dependent on what is the dominant factor of importance in a relationship. If materialism is important and there was a lack of money contributing to being able to live a comfortable life then that person may choose to move on.

If fantastic sex is high on a persons agenda and they just weren’t getting it, never did or both partners become complacent…then that would be dependent on values, respect, gender ideals, and whether there were children involved in whether it is a choice to move on, consider betrayal or just stick it out and accept that we can’t have it all.

I think the most important factor to keep people together and to maintain determination to stay together is to feel ‘love’ for each other…if you have love for each other then you have the foundations to try to build upon good sex and build a comfortable life together.

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“There must be 50 ways to leave your lover.”

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@janbb My aunt always breaks into song too :).

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@JLeslie maybe she’s mishpocheh?

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If I pass away my husband might consider finding someone to be his new partner, if he could spare the time from his computer and family obligations. He would be a lot more likely to simply hire a housekeeper, since that would a lot less trouble.

He and I are both way too busy to even consider any such thing, since we are so well matched in most everything.

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No love and if I had a new partner.

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No love… and no respect for each other of course

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@janbb You never know. I’ll PM you our surnames.

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If there is no love, what is the point of being in a relationship?
I would be unhappy without sex, but if my partner was in a terrible accident or something, we could cope. If they were just holding out, it could lead to a break up.
I could be happy being poor with my partner : )

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I suppose it depends on what your motivation to be in the relationship was.

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IMO not every relationship is meant to last ‘forever.’ I think the word forever causes a lot of hangups for many.

Yes, no love, no warmth, no connection which obviously leads to no sex….time to pack it up and move on.

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Definietely no love. Anyone would leave because of this.

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No sex and no love are the biggest reasons.

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No love deffinately

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I would have to say No respect.

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I thought about this more and think someone would leave over the lack of sex first because most people expect financial hardships at some point and most people can hold on to the idea of love or the memory of love longer than positive love is in action.

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Without love it would be hard to weather the other two. Real love lets you know that there is someone who is invested in your happiness.

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He: Will leave if there is no sex.

She: Will leave if there is no Money with love a distant 2nd.

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I totally conquer with @Hypocrisy_Central . True chizz.

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No love and trust

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A penis too short to reach that unused part.

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Money, for sure. As the Wise Guy once said, when the wolf is at the door, love goes out the window.

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On second thought, can I see what’s behind door # 4 ?

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No love. No money could be a deal breaker though. For a woman, no sex would be at the bottom of the list.

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@Dutchess_III Don’t speak for all women just because you don’t care about it.

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I didn’t say I didn’t care about it. I said it would be the last reason on the list. If you had a good, loving man who made a good income, would you leave because he became uninterested in sex?

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She? Money. He? Sex.

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