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Where can I find free backing tracks?

Asked by Steve_A (5120points) February 14th, 2010

I know there are backing tracks for cover songs I have found websites for these and loops for drums/instruments.

I am looking more specifically songs that are say maybe 2–4 mins long and you just simply improvise over it or add to the song.

By the way I don’t care what genre or style assuming its in a key unless there are key changes thats fine, it’d be good ear training :)

Any places where can find one or maybe buy if I have too?

Thank you.

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Key words to use in your search: “Royalty Free”

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What comes to mind is GarageBand

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@babaji Only Macs can use GarageBand right..?

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Something like this

but I like to put them on my iTouch and use the aux on my amp and jam along so as I don’t need to use the computer speakers (they suck) plus I can play it outside if I feel like.

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@Captain_Fantasy Its for personal use, trust me you ain’t making no money off backing tracks lol! least I won’t :)

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@evandad I went to google they did not have any dam ;)

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