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Have you ever come accross an online video that doesn't have a bar that makes it go forward or backward?

Asked by flo (11819points) February 14th, 2010

I have. What would be the purpose of that anyway?

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yeah, youtube.

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Those little pesky 15–30 second ads/commercials there throwing in place now where you have to watch’em.

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@ChaosCross I have never come accross a you tube video (I have watched enough of them) and they all have the bar there.

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@Steve_A I don’t mean ads. I am thinking of TV shows for example.

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I’ve seen that on plenty of free movie streaming sites. All it has is a play button that also acts as a pause button, and nothing else.
You get what you pay for. Maybe the site owners don’t bother to implement any further features into the video processing programs since they get nothing out of it.
There might be no reason for them to pay for additional features if all the viewers are providing them with is hits.

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@Symbeline I just went to youtube three videos one after the other, “chimp goes crazy”, a hockey video, “haven’t met you yet” all have the bar. Out of thousands that I have only come accross one.

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