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Live QnA refugee. What should a new user on here know?

Asked by ArtiqueFox (974points) February 14th, 2010

What should a new user know? I know every QnA site has a different culture, and I would like some tips on this site’s. Any advice for a newbie?

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Relax, be yourself, don’t get sidetracked by any bullshit & enjoy. Welcome.

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you should know not to mess with ninjas. hee-ya

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1. Don’t come on here and start suggesting changes like your old site.

2. Look around for a while.

3. Study the Fluther Guidelines.

4. Enjoy. Make friends.

5. Welcome to the collective.

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Don’t take anything the mods do personally. It really is never personal. And don’t forget that “Mazel Tov™” belongs to me, and not @janbb. She is a mere pretendress to the throne.

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Jokes are allowed, but please wait until the question has received some legitimate answers first.


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@dpworkin If I use it, do I have to pay you royalties?

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goddam skippy

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Welcome to fluther. Here are some answers to this question from three days ago.

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@ArtiqueFox Welcome to Fluther and Mazel Tov™ on joining the collective!

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You’re off to a good start! If you have any specific questions or need help with anything, just send a message to any of the moderators. We’ll be happy to help you. Welcome to Fluther!

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Auggie! You look so… seasonal!

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Festive, no? :D

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@dpworkin How about a 10 pack of them? Or I can just stick with “sastipe” (“good health”)..

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You should know you are welcome here. I’m a rather recent refugee from another Social Q&A site myself. It took me a short time to adjust to the more aggressive moderation here. Flame wars aren’t allowed to go on and on. Silly or frivolous questions are moved to chatroom discussions, and not allowed to clutter the main discussion area. Any question that might contain or be answered by sexual content or content that would look bad if read on a work computer should be prefaced by (NSFW) meaning Not Safe For Work.

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Welcome to Fluther!
Overall we’re a very literate group, and as such, spelling and punctuation count.
There are genuine experts among us, so don’t be afraid to ask. Remember this is a site where folks can get real help from real people. Use it as a tool and enjoy the social side benefits as well.
Perhaps you’d like a piece of cake?

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