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Why am I always so gassy?

Asked by desiree333 (3206points) February 14th, 2010

I don’t know why, but I always feel like I have gas. Maybe it’s my diet or something. What can I get to stop it?

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Do you eat a lot of cheese?

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How long has this been a symptom. Any changes in your diet? Are you lactose intolerant? Allergic to wheat? Any other allergies? Do you take pro-biotics?

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Take foods away one at a time. Start with milk and milk products. If things don’t change try removing wheat.

You can also see your doctor (an allergist).

You could also try Activia or another yougurt with active culutres.

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Some people are lactose intolerant as mentioned by @dpworkin…so lactose free milk and lactose free dairy products may help. You would notice if you only get gassy a few hours after you have dairy products. Broccoli is a big culprit of gas, as are any kind of beans. Some people do not realize that if they have wheat products (breads, etc.) they can also become gassy. As @marinelife mentioned, you should keep track of when the gas occurs in relation to what you eat. You may test it out by eliminating one thing at a time and see if this works.

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As already mentioned, dairy or wheat could be the culprit. Also, artificial sweeteners (aspartame and sucralose [Splenda] in particular) cause gas for a lot of people.

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The foods that you eat,of course can give you gas,and different amounts and types.

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What are you eating? Lots of beans?

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@borderline_blonde Wow, last night I ate pizza (wheat AND cheese) and have diet pepsi (aspartame).!

I think I may be lactose intolerant or something, because I always feel gross after diary products, and people have told me before it could be the reason.

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You may have an open or closed ileocecal valve. Both of which can lead to gas. There may be other symptoms as well, such as:

Right Hip Pain
Right Shoulder Pain
Psuedo Bursitus

A chiropractor that practices applied kinesiology can help you determine if this is true for your situation.

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@AlienBomber That’s wierd because lately I’ve been suspecting that I may have eczema.

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smoking and drinking from straws can contribute to gassy-ness

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Beano will help that pesky gas….

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Eating processed and uncooked foods can contribute to gas as well. Soda, chips, french fries, deep fried foods, alcohol, nuts and foods high in roughage can contribute to having extra fuel in the tank. Minimize your intake of these foods and try to prepare a many of your meals that you can instead of opting for fast food.

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You should also try to do alot of walking and any kind of exercise. I think activity will certainly help.

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