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Wisdom teeth please help!

Asked by pwincess99 (123points) February 14th, 2010

i can feel a wisdom tooth coming at the bottom of my mouth but it doesnt seem like there is enough space for it to grow, its only small in there! will it push my other teeth over? please help.

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Try to get into the doctors asap cause if the wisdom teeth are coming in. If you don’t have enough room in your mouth it can really mess up your jaw alignment. If they need to come out they will be surgically removed. The surgery doesn’t hurt, your just swollen after and you get painkillers. You can’t really eat anything, But the painkillers help you sleep. But it’s a lot better then your wisdom teeth shifting around your teeth.

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Ditto what @tocutetolive90 said. I had that problem. Mine was bad enough that they had to be surgically removed before they came through the gums.

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Go see your dentist as soon as possible. All sorts of problems can happen if you let it go too long. My bottom two wisdom teeth grew in horizontally and needed to come out, but I waited years before having them removed because I was afraid of the surgery. Because I waited so long I ended up needing a root canal on one of my adjacent molars. Dental work sucks, but I’d take just the extraction over the extraction and a root canal any day.

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There’s no telling what might happen as that tooth comes in, but it could push other teeth in any direction or even sit under another tooth. Talk to a dentist or an oral surgery doctor as soon as possible, and if you take it out, as I would expect, relax! It’s not too bad. I got all four out at once and after a few days of soft food and swelling it’s no big deal!

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You should have the tooth pulled. I had four pulled, one of which was growing crossways to the gum with the grinding surface pointed into my mouth!

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I had my wisdom teeth removed at age 37. They came in okay when I was in high school, but the doc said he wished he could just line up all the teenagers when their 3rd molars come in and have ‘em out right then so it’s easier on a person. Having them out in my 30s was a cascade of pain and trouble. Much easier at your age.

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it might. and it might not. If there’s not enough room , it won’t erupt normally anyway and you’ll be looking for treatment. It is easier as @laureth said to have them removed when your’e young. Go have an x-ray so they can determine the tooth’s development and see it’s position relative to the other teeth. That will tell

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What do you think we can do? Go to the dentist.

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