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Italians did not cook with tomatoes until the 18th century. Where did the tomatoes come from that inspired Italian cooks and cooking?

Asked by josie (27500points) February 14th, 2010

Everybody associates tomatoes with Italian cuisine. But the Italians got the idea from somebody or someplace else. Just curious.

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From the New World, through Spain. For a long time there was a fear that they were poisonous, because taxonomically they are in the nightshade family.

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It was called the Columbian Exchange. It changed many cultures cuisine. Take a look at the foods that were only found in the New World – it’s amazing just how big of an impact it had on the world.

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Marco Polo brought them back from Japan where they were known as redtits.

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@Blondesjon- Which is truly amazing considering Marco Polo never went to Japan.

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that’s what makes it funny chuck. the tits are just a bonus.

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fuck. i get it.

my bad.

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@tragiclikebowie Very good answer, thanks for the link.

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Cooking with them was likely a case of curiosity-satisfaction.

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Tomatoes came from America Not just u.s.a. but the whole continent.
columbus made his voyage in 1492 and by 1520 there was already maps and trading and lots of immigrants moving here to the ancient world or as immigrants like to call it – THE NEW WORLD ?

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