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Who do your childhood belongings belong to?

Asked by casheroo (18081points) February 14th, 2010

I was just thinking about this the other day, because my son saw my old Barbies on a shelf, and wanted to see them…but my mother has claimed them as hers so she does not allow him to touch them.

I had a very large collection of college cheerleader Barbies (you can stop laughing now), and I never took them out of the boxes. I liked stacking them in the boxes and making a collection. My mother took it upon herself to open two from her favorite college teams (Penn State and Michigan State) and she has them on a shelf.
She has also taken back old VHS that I would watch as a child, like The Little Mermaid or The Jungle Book, claiming that they are hers.

So, are these types of things actually the parents once the child outgrows them? I can sort of understand the VHS situation, even if it’s a little disappointing..but the toys are iffy for me. Because she has done this with other things I considered mine (like a collection of model metal VW Beetles that I had). All things that used to decorate my room as a youngster…she now says are hers.

Is it because I left it in a box in the attic at some point? Or do they legitimately belong to her?
and no, I’m not trying to get in a legal argument with my mother over it..but I do find it upsetting..and I hope I’m in the right lol

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