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What are the best noise blocking headphones or earbuds or... anything else?

Asked by Arisztid (7120points) February 14th, 2010

My upstairs neighbors have 4 children who run, jump, and are, basically, driving me stark raving insane. As an indication, their jumping has knocked pictures off of our walls and rattles the windows, sending vibrations through our furniture, constantly.

Yes, I am currently trying to work this out through my landlord, no, the mother of these children could not care less and has told me to deal with it… they are kids. Regardless of the outcome, it is going to take time. Yes, I can turn my music up to drown them out but I do not like music that loud.

So, I need to find something before I go absolutely insane and possibly to jail. Ok, slight, but only slight, overstatement on the jail part.

What is the absolute best (within reasonable prices, if possible) method for dealing with this? I have read up on noise canceling headphones and it says that is for steady noise. I am reading up on noise blocking earbuds and have no clue what is good. I am currently sitting here with high end foam earplugs in but I can still hear a good chunk of the noise.

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Noise-canceling headphones will work best for the running & jumping, which generates rumbles with mostly low-frequency content. They can’t cancel shouting & crying very well because (1) they don’t work as well at higher frequencies and (2) your ear is more sensitive to vocal frequencies.

In any case, noise-canceling headphones won’t stop the windows from rattling!

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I have a pair of utlimate ears 5 pros with custom molded ear tips and i have to say that they are pretty good.

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Ear buds are terrible. Go for headphones.

Noise canceling headphones are never 100% effective.
Is moving not an option? Realize that this situation will only get worse as the kids get bigger.

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These turn down the noise without muffling sounds; audio engineers use them for monitoring audio in loud situations-they turn down the sound without turning down the high frequencies necessary for discerning speech and other sources.

They run about $15 and are reusable. A lot cheaper than the big, bulky powered (battery hogging) noise canceling headphones/earphones, and more hygenic than the foam ear plugs.

P.S. prolonged use of those noise canceling headphones can cause headaches and disequilibrium. They actually inject noise into your ears, and just remember that your ears are hearing sounds even though the brain is tricked into thinking they’re not there (the noise cancelation is a physiological phenomena, the ears are actually receiving stimuli constantly).

Hearos ftw!

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@gasman It is the thuds, crashes, and rumbles that are driving me the most insane. I can sometimes hear them talking or whatnot but it is not bad.

Nothing is going to stop the windows from rattling, vibrations everywhere, and pictures from falling off the walls.

@Lightlyseared I looked at those and they look more geared for musicians?

@Captain_Fantasy I was thinking that ear buds do not make sense but I am not finding noise suppression headphones. I am thinking of going to a shooting supply store.

If the landlord cannot find a solution, I am not going to be here for long enough for them to get bigger. Unfortunately I cannot afford to move for some time.

@sndfreQ Those look like they might be good. I am going to do some more research into those. I am also looking at these

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Shure E2c are great ear buds. They work well at isolating sound, and are very nice sounding earbuds as well. I’ve had mine for a few years, and still love them.

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@justn Is there anywhere to try them? For that price I would like to find somewhere that actually has a sample pair (if that is even possible with germs and all that) and have someone stomp near me.

Having good sounding earbuds is also an appeal.

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@Arisztid There wouldn’t be any place to try those that I know of. Most stores don’t let you try earbuds because of sanitation. I think your best bet would be to read up on return policies, and buy a pair from whomever had the most hassle free policy.

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@justn That is a good idea… I had not thought of that. I kind of doubted that they would let me try them for that purpose.

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I know I’m digressing from the original earbud/headphone question, but moving might be a good long term goal. If the mother is that rude to you when you present a reasonable request, she’s going to pass that behavior on to her children who are likely to become even more belligerent than they are now since mom isn’t setting any boundaries.

Property owners are still having a hard time paying mortgages and you might be able to get a great deal from a person desperate to rent.

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@Captain_Fantasy From what I was told by the landlord at the end of last week, they are going to be dealt with, possibly evicted for reasons other than this. However, it is going to take some time.

I do not know if the landlord is telling me the truth because I am new here but either I have to wait it out or wait until I can afford to move. My wife and I just moved in and we cannot afford to move again for some time.

I can tell you that when the mother told me that, I came close to going to jail. She was so smug, damned near sneering at me.


I just found these that look good. Also, there is this package that I am going to try.

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The absolute best? Probably the ones that are sold by Sporty’s Pilot Shop for use by pilots. But alas, the absolute best doesn’t come cheap…

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@HungryGuy Holy crap! I think that is out of my price range.


Oh it looks like this is going to be taken care of. It has escalated today and now not only is the rental agency involved, but we have contacted the owner of the property. If he does what he says, it is eviction.

He has an older couple he wants to move up there.

We shall have to see and, if this is not tended, we move in a couple of months when we have the money.

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Don’t let this guy fool you. He was a stark raving lunatic long before he ever got around those kids.8:P

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@Bull_still_wears_his_COAT Howdy Bull! Stick around and check the place out as long as you are here.

Oh now, I am only slightly bent. ;)

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