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Have you figured out the cake in the frizzer and robot crush awards?

Asked by lilikoi (10079points) February 14th, 2010

These two have stumped me (Shh! Don’t tell me!) and it is quietly driving me nuts. If you haven’t figured it out, what do you guess the logic behind these is? If you have, was it a long search, obvious, or an unexpected surprise?

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Yep. Robot crush was relatively easy, but Cake in the frizzer required some outside help.

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Haven’t, but I’ve moved on with my life (sniff!).

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I have the cake award, but I have no idea how to get the Robot Crush award. It drove me nuts for a while. Maybe one day…

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I figured out the robot crush one and kind of stumbled upon the cake in the frizzer one. I don’t even really understand how I got the cake one, but I’ll keep it.

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Cake in the Frizzer was easy. Robot Crush for some reason took me a while to put the pieces together.

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I have the Cake in the Frizzer award, but I have no idea how I got it.

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What chyna said. I gave up on trying to figure them out a long time ago

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Wait! What? You meant the Atlantis badges all have some hidden rules? Who knew?! So why do I get so many perfecto-fishes?? I thought it was some kind of random joke.

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Cake in the frizzer was pretty easy for me to figure out. I have no idea how to get the robot crush and I’m still trying to figure out how I’m getting the feeding frenzy awards that I have gotten. though I have some idea

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I don’t know how I got. The cake in the frizzer, but I got it. I wish Robot Crush was as easy for me as it seems for others! You can PM me a cheat if you like!

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I’m really intrigued now because I have no idea what they are. Is it allowed on Fluther to PM someone about what the awards are?

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I have only worked out how to get the perfecto-fish. my housemate is going mad trying to work them all out, I told him how to get perfecto fish but he refuses to tell me how to get one of the others. last time I help him out!

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@bongo I wouldn’t have said I was going mad… just slightly insane and antisocial lol. I did offer to help you out but you said you knew it all…

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@dynamic3 @bongo You two kiss and make up and share with each other!

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@dynamic3 you are definately going mad, not necessarily on fluther but more of a general sense maybe. lol i do know, cake in frizzer i found very amusing to do. and i was just lucky with feeding frenzy. miss u @dynamic3. I’ll be home by the end of the week
@chyna he knows i love him really.

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Today I logged on and was told I had achieved the cake in the frizzer award. I can’t imagine what I’ve done to earn it. Anybody wanna PM me with the answer?

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Nope, still trying to figure it out.

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I’m still trying to figure these out too.
Anyone want to PM me with a good hint?

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I’ve received a couple of hints about the FRIZZER , I think, but apparently the thing is too stinking obvious and I’m overthinking it…....

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@WillWorkForChocolate I’ve been all over the Frizzer thread many times, I just haven’t found the trick yet. :-(

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@wilma Finally got it… <deliriously stumbles off to bed>

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I hate the Frizzer right now. It is giving me a headache. Throws hands in the air…

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@gasman I am really impressed. You are quite a perfecto-fish if you keep getting perfecto-fishes and not even knowing why…

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Cake in the Frizzer still works. Discovered I picked up that one hours ago. I thought is was broken or one of those you can’t get if you are a mere mortal. Have no idea how I did it, or what I did to activate it. You could torture me, and I could not tell you.

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@28lorelei Yeah, I figured it out. I like to get my wording and spelling just so, especially given the short window for editing once you post the initial answer. Better to post an answer, then fix it up later. Oops I missed that typo. Oh oh, I should have switched those two words. Drat, I meant to use plural not singular. Gee, I can eliminate an entire sentence there… Everything has to be PERFECT!!!

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