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What things do you do to not feel so lonely?

Asked by missinghim (45points) February 14th, 2010

pretty self explanitory-just some suggestions would be great!

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I drink. It’s pretty sad.

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Two things:
a) write. Talk to yourself about your current feelings. Go ahead and feel them till they change. They will.
b) go hang out with someone you like every single day even if you don’t especially feel like it. Just for a bit. Go to a movie, you don’t have to have a big discussion. These other social contacts will keep you going till you get a little more steady on your (new, lonesome) feet.

Hey, I know it’s hard. I’m sorry. But in awhile you’ll be remembering feeling this bad -
not actively feeling it all the time. I promise.

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Man I would often kill for some alone time. Know that being alone isn’t the worst thing in the world.

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You know its just really really hard to go on like this my bf left for iraq and my world feels like its crashing down i have been thinking about going to the doctor to get some anti depressants but im not to sure thats the right way to go…i have never felt so broken and empty before…im not a very ambitous person either to be quite frankly im not much of a social person anymore..most of my friends live dif. lives than I and i find it better to be in an egg shell than getting shit on by most of them…

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I try to think about how I can better balance my life….why am I feeling lonely instead of enjoying “me” time?

Most likely it can turn around for me by involving myself in some activities, reaching out to friends, or delving into a hobby that I may have been neglecting (like painting!)

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Mostly I keep occupied. I make myself too busy to feel lonely by filling my time with activities that I love so that I’m not even thinking about being alone. I’m in a long-distance relationship, and even if I had many friends, circumstances make getting together with them really difficult anyway.

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I call a friend when I feel lonely.

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Me too. @marinelife Call me?

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I don’t get lonely very often and I think it is because i have alot of interests that don’t require the participation of anyone aside from myself.When I need to see people,I go out with them to whoop it up or call or e-mail.

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I look for ways to get involved in helping others.

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I drink also. I go outside and smoke a cigarette (I live in a small village, even if it’s a stranger I talk to, which actually I think I prefer strangers, my loneliness is cured, at least for that moment) and someone is always bound to say something.

I think you should go out with some friends, or family, or outside of being with your boyfriend think about and then involve yourself in things that you like to do or have a passion for. If you let yourself sink further than you are won’t be pretty. But I think you will be just fine without anti-depressants.

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mingled with your friends

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I take my dogs for a walk. Most times I meet up with other dog walkers, and we have a conversation.
I enjoy this and so do my dogs, and come back home feeling quite happy.

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Write books
Play video games

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