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What's the lesson of Tootle?

Asked by Jeruba (48501points) February 14th, 2010

According to this 2001 article from Publishers Weekly, the 1945 Little Golden Book Tootle is the third bestselling children’s book of all time.

If you remember reading this book, or if you’ve read it to your kids, what do you make of its message?

Is it, as an Amazon reviewer wrote, “a story about conforming to societal pressures”? Or, as the writer on this page about children’s self-esteem claims, is it a “children’s classic ‘it’s okay to be different’ self concept building story”?

Do you regard Tootle‘s message to “Stay on the Rails No Matter What” as an important life lesson for children and adults alike? Or, like the author of this blog, who also includes a helpful summary of the story, does it bother you?

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I’d sooner read this to my child than “Tootle”. Then again, I have authority issues.

I find myself happiest in one of two places. Either exploring my world vicariously via reading, or out exploring it myself. If only I could take both paths. (I would go back on Choose-your-own-adventure books, just to read every single plot path to see where it would end.)

Curiosity should not be dampened, it ought to be satiated.

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