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Why do i have pain on the outside of my foot?

Asked by asawilliams (368points) February 14th, 2010

I got a pair of tennis shoes a couple weeks ago. I have worn them about 3 times and every time I get this pain on the outer ridge of my feet (opposite of my arches). What is the reason for this, or is this just apart of the breaking in process?

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They could just be uncomfortable shoes.

Or maybe they just don’t fit. Fitting shoes is about more than just length you know.

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did you get them to maybe start a new sport, such as (... wait for it… wait for it…) tennis? it could be over-exertion pain.

anyhoot see your doctor if changing the shoes doesn’t make it better.

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Maybe the sole of the shoe is narrower than the width of your foot and the edge of your foot hangs over the edge of the sole?

Or is it possible that the shoe has too high of an arch support so that you are forced to put exert more pressure on the outer edges of your foot.

Google “supination”. And check out this link.

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I have had this at times with new sneakers. It usually was because it was a bad fit.

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This is not normal. The shoes do not fit properly. Return them for credit.

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Shoes need to be broken into. Perhaps three wears isn’t enough, it could take longer.
If the pain really worries you though, or if it’s abnormally painful when compared to general shoe breaking, I’d see a doctor about it.

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see a doctor

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If you are used to wearing heels and then switch to flats it will take your feet time to adjust to a new walking situation! I find when I swap between both it takes a while for my feet to realise I’m not in heels/flats!

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I think a tendon is perturbating with the inside of your shoe. Its not the right form for your foot

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