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Is there anyway to fix a scratch on a cabinet door without getting new cabinet doors?

Asked by philosopher (9152points) February 14th, 2010

I can not find anyone who is willing to fix it. They want us to replace all the doors.

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Scratch Filler.

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It sort of depends on the scratch and the degree of imperfection that you’re willing to accept. A simple crayon will “fix” many scratches so that they aren’t obvious.

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Can you post a picture? I do a bit of woodworking.

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Of course they want you to replace all the doors there is no money in fixing! Try a “scratch repair stick” from Home Depot or furniture store. Some times you just may have to face reality to replace or very least refinish!

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There is a thing called an almond stick that our cabinet maker gave us that makes them disapear.

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I probably would refinish them; if I could trust the re-finisher. They all seem dishonest and over priced.
No one actually told me to refinish them. They said replace.

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I recently put a nice scratch in a Gerstner toolbox that made me!I bought a can of stain,took a small brush and managed to match it.One day I might re finish as you can see the scratch still but not the bare wood.

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Scratch filler or pen would be a lot easier than refinishing. Refinishing wood is a lot of work, especially if your cabinets have detail or trimming. It may not even be a viable option if they are veneered and the veneer is very thin or not real wood.

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@lucillelucillelucille Sorry to hear that! ;(

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Depends on what material it is. If it is wood, it should be very easy to fix, and it would seem you are talking to the wrong cabinet makers. If it is wood, find a cabinet maker or joiner who does work with wood if you do not want to do it yourself. If it is another material, like perhaps melamine, metal or pvc, it might not be possible to fix at all, but you could cover it up with some crude method like painting over the mark… Good luck.

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LOL I use to draw but refinishing cabinets. You have to do it outside.
My X Brother In Law once did his.
Thank you everyone for all the information.
Lucille your talented.

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I had a furniture repair guy completely fix it like it was never there.

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@patsystout77 , we don’t really appreciate spam around here.

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Look as a pro cabinet man I say the crayon is the best! Stain it and you will cut the clear coat, the markers will too! A wax crayon that is very close to your color is the best. An almond stick I’ll have to check that out but having no experience with it yet wax crayon is the best answer! If it is stained this is what I suggest? Painted? if you know your color just repaint the door after you’ve sanded bad area! Must be a pretty good scratch to do that though! There is no sure fire way to correct it though!

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I had a nice man fix something. He noticed it and offered to fix it with paint. I wish he would do more but he does not want to. He works a few hours per week for a company.
I can mix colors but I do not have his skill.
Thank you for the information.

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